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The Debate: Hillary "Red-Baits" Obama

Clinton bares her fangs in a perfect imitation of Joe McCarthy
Is there no ugly level that Hillary Clinton won't stoop to in order to secure the Democratic nomination? Apparently not. The utter vacuousness of her credibility was displayed before the world last night as she accused Barack Obama of being cozy with a University of Illinois Professor who was once asociated with the Weather Underground four decades ago. I can't help but wonder what former Weatherman Tom Hayden was thinking as he watched the wanna-be leader of his party red-bait Obama using a tenured professor from her own home state of Illinois. Funny thing is, the majority of 'Wearhermen" were women. They ran the show as far as crazed street demonstrations went. Many of them are now active participants in Democratic politics, such as Hayden. Anyone who still believes Hillary is some sort of 60's-styled 'activist' for social change, a hippie in yuppie clothing so to speak, is going to have a hard time reconciling her remarks last night on ABC. Obama's comeback was priceless. He reminded Clinton that her ex-president husband pardoned a couple of Weathermen himself in between his romps with Monica Lewinsky. Priceless! Watching Hillary Clinton sink to the bottom of the muck gives creedence to anyone's worst fears about the future of the Democrats, and the nation itself. Obama may not be Martin Luther King or Malcom X, but he's not even close to manifesting the bankruptcy of morality, the pandering to fears and ignorance, that Mrs. Clinton elucidated last night. The American people are absolutely correct in their assesment (over 60%) that she cannot be trusted. Hillary is like a drug dealer who became a professional narc. A renegade child of the 60's who sold her soul. One more thing- It seems highly irregular (to say it nicely) to have a former Press Secretary for Hillary Clinton's ex-President husband fulfilling the role of one of only two debate hosts. Where do George Stephanopolis' loyalties lie? Were his questions geared somehow to favor Hillary? Is he a fox in the ABC henhouse? Is ABC a fox in America's henhouse?