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Roadblock EF! Indiana Comes to Lewis and Clark to Stop I-69: April 17th

Today, April 17th, at 7:30pm Roadblock Earth First! will be doing a presentation in the Templeton Student Union building at Lewis and Clark College. RBEF! activists from Indiana are in the Northwest this week to rally support for efforts to stop I-69, the NAFTA Superhighway.
I-69 currently extends from Port Huron, Michigan (where 47% of all truck based US/Canada trade crosses the border) to Indianapolis, Indiana where it has been stalled for 17+ years. If completed, I-69 will stretch 1790 miles to the Texas/Mexico border where it will connect with the Atlantic Corridor highway of the Plan Puebla Panama (PPP) as well as associated deep water ports (thereby eliminating the need for imports to come through unionized west coast ports).
Despite opposition to the road by 75% (Indiana Department of Transportation's number) to 95% (independent survey's number) of Indiana residents, on March 13th clearing began on the first 1.77 miles of the new terrain route. If this road is not stopped 450 Indiana families (including 150 family farms) will be forced from their homes while 5,000 acres of farmland, 1,500 acres of forest, and 300 acres of wetlands will be paved over in Indiana alone. All this at a cost to Indiana taxpayers of $4 billion (and rising).
Come to Lewis and Clark and learn how you can help stop this monster of a road!!

Before the presentation, at 3pm, PSU students are meeting to deliver a letter to the Mexican Consulate regarding their support of repression in Oaxaca. Meet at 3pm behind the Smith Student Union Building @ 1825 SW Broadway.

Also, on April 22nd from 4-7pm in RM 296 of the Smith Student Union, there will be meetings to discuss Corporate Globalization, Neoliberal Policy, the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP), and how to stop it. Check out Rootforce.org for more info.

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