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Week of Action Against I.C.E. and the N.W.D.C. starts next Monday the 21st in Tacoma!

Our itinerary for next week. Come Smash ICE with us!
Well, we have been planning this for so long and now it is finally right around the corner. The Detention Center has been quietly sitting in the tide flats for five years now and I.C.E. continues to rip people from their families all over the Northwest and imprison them here in Tacoma. The city of Tacoma is responsible for the existence of the for-profit detention center. Bad men are making money off of human suffering while I.C.E leaves children without their parents. This is not just a Tacoma issue, this is not even just a Northwest issue. All over the U.S. innocent people are being taken in the night from their homes or grabbed from their workplaces, arrested, imprisoned and deported (if they are lucky, some people remain imprisoned for 4 years or more and some do not make it out of the detention centers alive). Come to Tacoma next week starting Monday the 21st and learn more about what is going on, then join us for a rally and march on Saturday the 26th. Lets show our support for our brothers and sisters and our anger for the bastards that would destroy their lives for profit. ICE BASTA!

We hope to see you next week! In love and solidarity - TacomaSmashICE


***Monday 4/21:
7pm - Show @ Pitchpipe Infoshop (621 MLK Jr. Way, Tacoma)

***Tuesday 4/22:
4pm - High-School teach-in @ Mad Hat Tea Co. (1130 Commerce St, Tacoma)
This teach-in will be a discussion with local high-school students about immigration in the US, I.C.E. and I.C.E. Detention Centers, specifically the Northwest Detention Center in the Tacoma Tide Flats. The teach-in will be facilitated by several members of TacomaSmashICE and students from Tacoma School of the Arts (SOTA).

7pm - Author Jane Guskin Speaking @ King's Books (218 St Helens Ave, Tacoma)

***Wednesday 4/23:
2-4pm - Author Jane Guskin Speaking @ UWT in the Carwein Auditorium
(University of Washington Tacoma 1900 Commerce Street, Tacoma)

5pm - Bake Sale & Drum-Making Workshop and Conversational Spanish Workshop @ Pitchpipe Infoshop (621 MLK Jr. Way, Tacoma)
There will be a bake sale featuring delicious homemade vegan treats at Pitchpipe Infoshop, all donations are going to families of prisoners at the NWDC (gas money for visits, etc.) and towards legal support if needed.

***Thursday 4/24:
4pm - Media meeting @ Kings Books, (218 St Helens Ave, Tacoma) all are welcome to sit in.
TacomaSmashICE is inviting local media to meet us at King's Books in Tacoma to discuss the Week of Action against ICE and the Northwest Detention Center. It should be interesting and everyone is invited.

6:30pm - Know Your Rights Workshop & Vegan Potluck @ Pitchpipe Infoshop
The 'Know Your Rights!' workshop will be facilitated by André Olivie (Seattle University School of Law , Society for Immigrant and Refugee Justice).

***Friday 4/25:
4pm - Public Teach-In @ Guadalupe House Tacoma
Teach-in facilitated by members of TacomaSmashICE about current immigration issues in the US, I.C.E. (immigration and customs enforcement) and I.C.E. Detention Centers, specifically the Northwest Detention Center in the Tacoma Tide Flats.

6pm - Secret Cafe' Vegan Dinner Benefit
The location of the dinner is a secret, come see us at one of the workshops/teach-ins and you will be formally invited. This is going to be a totally vegan three course meal.

***Saturday 4/26:
Demonstration against I.C.E. and the Northwest Detention Center! Rally 12pm @ People's Park (9th and MLK, Tacoma) & March Downtown 1pm
There will be free food from Tacoma Food Not Bombs and several speakers (not quite sure who yet, but we will let everyone know as soon as we do) at the rally. We are asking people to bring drums, flutes, whistles, bagpipes and any other instrument that can be played on the march.

homepage: homepage: http://myspace.com/tacomasmashice