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Call for proposals for pReNC 5.3 / RSVP deadline extension

The deadline for RSVPs for the pReNC 5.3 has been extended to April 25th. The pReNC 5.3 is the second national gathering for planning radical resistance to the 2008 Republican National Convention. It will take place on May 3rd in the Twin Cities. Please visit nornc.org for more info about the event and how to RSVP.
We are making a public call for proposals to be considered at the pReNC 5.3. These proposals may be for both action and support roles during the RNC and should keep in mind the strategy consensed upon during the first pReNC in September ( http://www.rncwelcomingcommittee.org/about/). Suggested topics for proposals include media infrastructure, coms, medical support, legal support, basics such as food, housing and transportation and direct action strategies. Please email your proposals to 5.3proposals (a) riseup.net by April 25th and, if possible, send your proposals with a representative who is attending the 5.3 spokescouncil.

RNC Welcoming Committee
5.3proposals (a) riseup.net
rnc08 (a) riseup.net