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More on Sea Lions and the "Judicial Process."

"Judge" fucking MOSSMAN actually stated, in open court-
Now this is a direct quote from the "judicial" bench of the VERY prejudicial "judge" Mossman, before he rendered his foregone decision: "SEA LIONS DON'T VOTE, FISHERS DO." Now if that does not indicate what he considers to be the most important issue at hand, I guess I do not watch enough Perry Mason. Folks-I am sure that some of you out there DO vote, even though you are not Sea Lions. SEE TO IT THAT THIS IS "Judge" FUCKING MOSSMAN'S LAST TIME IN THE PUBLIC TROUGH.

on the ballot 16.Apr.2008 15:07


The spelling is Mosman, so look for that. It doesn't matter here, but will when you vote. Mosman. Vote him out.

that's not much of a shock 16.Apr.2008 15:43

finding justice in a system built on injustice

one can feel sorry for the failures of the bench. the lives taken, the shortsighted decisions. who else can't vote? until everyone is culled, let's all laugh at this divine comedy.

"SEA LIONS DON'T VOTE, FISHERS DO." 16.Apr.2008 22:24


Because this judge is a Federal judge and is appointed..not elected..why would he make a statement like that?

Absolutely True 17.Apr.2008 06:13


The folks who throw Mosman a bone from time to time DO get elected. If he ever hopes to rise any higher in the system, he needs their support. The folks who provide him with the perks of office also get elected. THAT is why he would make such a dumbass, non sequiter, prejudicial statement. He is not qualified for his office, and certainly is not qualified to rise any higher in the federal trough. He is not only prejudiced in favor of the elite, he is STUPID!