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Breaking News Update, Judge Mossman Defies Law on Sea Lions!

Rotten to the core fucking "judge" Mossman has ruled that "Plaintiffs would probably win on the merits of their case," but then stated that he was ruling in favor of the murdering clan of fucking fishermen (probably to line his pockets), because "emotional concerns do not matter." Therefore, the innocent Sea Lion must pay for the greed and lazy assed juris prudence of one fucking individual, who, according to witnesses, entered into the litigation with his mind made up. There was not one iota of an attempt at justice by his "honor."
May that asshole die in a horrible fashion, with fishermen clawing at his entrails. Remember folks, the courts are not your friends. They rule, not based on law, or on merit, but based upon who has the deepest pockets, or who might be more able to further their careers. Here is hoping that we can all remember this asshole for as long as his miserable life continues, and do whatever we can to see to it that he has reached the pinnacle of his toady assed career.

Today, in the Pacific Northwest, one more coal was carried Newcastle, in the continuing war on the environment. One more species was doomed, because of crass political cronyism.

Thank you, "judge" FUCKING MOSSMAN!

Indeed 16.Apr.2008 14:46


I attended this hearing, and indeed, Judge Mosman just ruled that sea lions can be killed immediately, even though he agreed that plaintiffs have a good chance of ultimately winning the case. In other words, even though the killing may very well be illegal under the Marine Mammal Protection Act, this judge elected to allow the sea lions to be killed anyway while the wheels of "justice" grind along, presumably because, as he said with his own mouth, "Sea lions don't vote. Fishers do."

Those who care about sea lions should understand, there is no justice in a courtroom. We have to make our own justice.

Wonder if I should go document the blood bath? 16.Apr.2008 16:16

Joe Anybody iam@joe-anybody.com

any suggestions where I might video tape the slaughter?
are there any suggeted <sic>"time of the day" for killing sea lions?