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Bread!!! Volunteer Needed

Friday Morning (9am-10am) Volunteer Needed for Bread Pick-up

Contact  Kelly@nwpm.org or 503-413-5530 to learn more about
this or other volunteer opportunities in NW & downtown Pdx.
Northwest Portland Ministries needs a volunteer to work with us to pick-up several boxes of bread each Friday morning from a downtown location. This is food that would otherwise be thrown away.
We'd like to collaborate to divert it. We have some places for it to go, but are happy
to share it or split it with other efforts or projects, as desired.

The effort takes about an hour. We need someone who is reliable,
and either has a good sized vehicle, or who is willing to do the paperwork to
be approved to drive a vehicle we provide.

Contact  Kelly@nwpm.org or 503-413-5530 to learn more about
this or other volunteer opportunities (see list below) in NW & downtown Pdx.
Volunteer application & brief orientation.

Northwest Portland Ministries is an interfaith service organization made up of local congregations and other community volunteers, that have been helping neighbors in need for over 25 years. Our main focus is to support the independence and connectedness of elders in the local area, through transportation assistance, a nutrition program, group activities, and one-on-one matching of volunteers and those in need.

Friendly Visitor Needed: for Gentleman just released from hospice care.
Location: 2545 SW Terwilliger Blvd

Helping Hand needed for a disabled woman in her 40s, recently released from the hospital.
She has a cat & needs help about 1 x a week with laundry & light housekeeping. She is healing
From injuries and it is expected she'll need help for about 6 weeks. Location: NW25th near Legacy Good Sam.

Mondays: Loaves & Fishes needs a volunteer to pick-up food (several coolers) from downtown at 10:45 am to take to the Irving Street Loaves & Fishes Lunch Site ( at NW 19th). Car required.

Thursdays in May: Loaves & Fishes needs a volunteer driver to fill in while the regular food-pick-up driver is out of town. Pick-up is at 10:45 am. Car required.

Moving Help on May 12th: An elderly lady is moving from NW to downtown, if you have a pick-up truck or van, or can help move on that day please let us know.

Flyer Maker Wanted: Are you creative? We need someone to make flyers to help the folks we serve know about activities & resources. This can be done on our computer or on yours, based on your preference.

Driver elders to the Doctor! Volunteers always needed that have good driving record & are at least 23 years old. Use one of our vehicles, or drive yours & receive a gas milage reimbursement. Flexible scheduling.

homepage: homepage: http://www.nwpm.org
phone: phone: 503-413-5530
address: address: 2169 NW Northrup, Pdx 97210