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bicycle/carfree/convergence for climate action OPEN MEETING friday

the climate convergence is comming up (july 28th to
aug 3rd)
this is an open meeting for anyone who wants to plan
(transportation/carfree/bicycle) workshops,
presentations, bikerides to, from and at the
convergance, even entertainment and wants to work with
others who want to do the same
there will be lots of diferent workshops that deal with
a range of important issues and would love to see
bicycles, car free living among all the other
important information/workshops

last year was great and there was a bicycle repair
workshop at the last minute and a bike ride at the
convergance and a handfull of people did ride from
portland to the spot
and some people did bring bikes and a
few learned how
to do repairs on their bikes
it would be great to do it better this year

so bring your bodys and ideas to
colonel summers park s.e. 20th and belmont
at 5:30 pm friday the 18th
(same time and place as food not bombs) grab some food
and we can go about our meeting

see ya there