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imperialism & war | katrina aftermath

George Bush: Makin' Progress ...

A little update on the issues that defined the Bush presidency: Iraq, Katrina, Afghanistan, 9-11
Five Years On, Fallujah in Tatters

What others say
A look at what the media outside Louisiana are reporting on New Orleans.

Red Cross praises 'progress' at US-run jails in Afghanistan

[9-11 victims'] Families fight to get their loved ones' bodies out of the dump

Gee, George, think we might catch bin Laden soon?

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THANKS - 15.Apr.2008 18:01

Joe Anybody

thanks for reporting / reminding all of us about the never ending <sic> progress


what a shame

I am appaled how disgraceful our government has become

Note: the last article is a parody 16.Apr.2008 14:26


sometimes it's hard to tell these days. After all, it's been widely reported that the USS New York was made with WTC scrap metal.  http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/23425455/

You'd think they actually would have analyzed that steel, and, you know, treated it like evidence the way they do with lesser crime scenes ...