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Living Water

This is a report on the Agricultural part of the Interstate Traveler Project from a communication with its designer Justin Sutton. $5 billion is available to be invested, some of it in this project. The project is being developed by self-interested businessmen that want a quick turn around, and others more interested in saving the planet. It is an example of how we can all work together. The biggest problem at present is government inertia.
This summary was developed in response to the food and agricultural component of Justin Sutton's Interstate Traveler Project. Water is the most studied liquid on earth, yet its subtle electromagnetism isn't well-known nor understood by biology and medicine. Early researches in hydroponics at Abu Dubai indicated that disease and controls were complicated to maintain a stable ecosystem, which is why I advocate a correct approach to soil science. How can water generated from the Traveler Project be supplemental?
Can water from the Traveler Project be used to recharge aquifers, where the natural soil processes can affect the water? This may be a viable alternative to direct application of brine minerals and water. I recognize that ionized water and brine have remarkable qualities, but suspect as with most things in nature, this is only part of the picture. Soil science remains in its infancy. William Albrecht suggested soil chemistry was key to soil microbiology. Underlying this are the presence of Aluminum silicates in soil, and the need for cations to promote growth. Colloidal suspension of minerals in water can address many deficiencies in our present soils. Regarding human health, we have a very narrow range of pH required for life. To maintain this delicate balance, pH 7.36-7.46, the body pulls minerals from other areas. If the water we drink, or gain from food is correctly buffered this stress is minimized in maintaining homeostasis.
Perhaps the brine solution from seawater can be used to put minerals back into the soil. Processed seawater has 92 elements essential to life. In this respect, building agricultural corridors along the Interstate Traveler project remains a viable option.

Making our Highways Bloom with Abundance
Certainly their can be no greater concern for the future of our advanced civilization and great growing numbers in the global population other than the concern for food and water. We can all accept the fact that not all of our future generations can remain living on the family farm. Over the next 100 years, our cities will grow exponentially as the existing 6 Billion people on Earth becomes 9 Billion or more. There is no greater concern for tomorrow than the suffering of millions of people TODAY. According to UN and other publications in 2007 there were estimated more than 800,000 souls in the greater Sudanese region of Africa that have been chased from their homes by famine and drought or war lords competing for dwindling resources. Lake Chad in Northern Central Africa is shared by five countries and it has very nearly dried up leaving millions of people are now hanging in the balance for subsistence or starvation. Food and Water.

Letter from Justin Sutton:

I am most solemnly and sincerely respect your message about the fragility of our national and international human agricultural system. There are few whom I have met who can even grasp the enormity of what you have pointed out in your letter below, yet I am happy to say that my team of Leaders in Detroit understand this delicate situation that will affect millions of people world wide even as millions today around the world are already suffering like in the Sudan.

You will be happy to know that we will be able to make a change that will enable the growth of grain and other crops in just about any soil condition location in the world where plants can survive the temperature changes. As it turns out, the Hydrogen Super Highway is perfectly suited to grow food along with purifying water via electrolysis.

If you have not yet seen our hydroponic agricultural support summary, please see the following link:


Justin Sutton

Letter in reference to: Robert Felix
Reprinted With Permission

"The lion's share of grain produced in the US is done in a concentrated part of the US Midwest (Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri is the center of this area). The grain is moved to the coasts (where 70% of the population live) by only TWO (2) railroads."

The Hydroponic Traveler can harness the sun's rays to process ocean brine and isolate the mineral content of the ocean brine to construct specialized solutions of water for Hydroponic assisted agricultural growth within Highway rights of way or otherwise along other rights of way were the Interstate Traveler Hydrogen Super Highway may be installed.
The Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations and the Free World will be served well by this system which will collect water and waste and process that waste to make fortified fertilizers to build soils and literally collect light from the Sun and shine it down on growing plants half a world away to bear fruit for the hungry masses. If not just to enable a surplus to buffer our needs when natural disasters destroy our crops.