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HR 5036, (More) Election Fraud posing as Election Reform

HR 5036 proposes to replace DRE voting machines with paper ballots. Unfortunately, the ballots will be counted by optical scanners with proprietary and secret software. See:  http://www.oregontruthalliance.org/?q=node/84
Although this comes from the John Birch Society, the message is still critical. It also corroborates the Oregon Truth Alliance,  http://Oregontruthalliance.org, position of election fraud using optical scanners for vote counting.
Federal take over of elections H.R. 5036, Emergency Assistance for Secure Elections Act of 2008  http://capwiz.com/jbs/issues/alert/?alertid=10932736
Action Alert Oppose H.R. 5036, Emergency Assistance for Secure Elections Act of 2008 [THOMAS] House Bill H.R. 5036 would purportedly increase the security of the U.S. election process by reimbursing jurisdictions that voluntarily replace Direct Recording Electronic voting systems with voter-verifiable paper ballot systems in time for the 2008 elections. The bill would also grant the Election Administration Commission (EAC) new audit regulatory powers and funding to pay for vote count audits of randomly selected precincts, as well as pay for hand counts of paper ballots cast in the 2008 elections. Critics of H.R. 5036 assert:
It would significantly expand an unconstitutional federal power grab to control elections that was initiated through the disastrous Help America Vote act of 2002 (HAVA) with its establishing of the Election Administration Commission (EAC). A voter-verified paper ballot voting system is no guarantee against wholesale election fraud. Electronic optical scanners used to count votes on paper ballots can still be hacked or tampered with. The proposed EAC audit powers undermine the benefit of the paper ballot system the bill seeks to promote, because per the proposed EAC audit policy only "random" audits would be subsidized and none of the bill's $100 million of authorized funding could be used for "targeted" audits directed at where there is a suspicion of election fraud. Undesirable consequences may result from the bill's augmentation of the Help America Vote Act of 2002. The EAC might invite U.N. international observers to be placed throughout America to jointly monitor the fairness of U.S. elections. Bill Status:
H.R. 5036 is categorized as a suspension bill. Currently the bill is in the committee stage. It can not be amended and requires a two thirds majority vote to pass. H.R. 5036 is also a stopgap measure, with Rep. Rush Holt's long term goals contained in H.R. 811 which should likewise be opposed.
Oppose the unconstitutional federal usurpation of the rights of states to control elections. We strongly object to the unconstitutional means by which H.R. 5036 would use the people's desire for voter-verified paper ballots as bait for establishing centralized control over elections. The constitutionally established balance of powers must be restored to prevent an over centralization of federal power leading to a dictatorship.

Recommended Action:
Please use the talking points below to urge your congressman to oppose H.R. 5036, The Emergency Assistance for Secure Elections Act of 2008. E-mail this link to others in your sphere of influence and ask them to voice their opposition to H.R. 5036 as well.