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I-69 presentation with Roadblock EF!

Tear it down!
I-69 presentation with Roadblock EF!

Wednesday, April 16th

Blue Heron Infoshop
Grey Campus Center 34
Reed College
3203 SE Woodstock BVLD

On Wednesday, folks from Indiana will be in Portland to talk about the need for your solidarity in fighting one of the most destructive
infrastructure projects in the United States.

I-69 is a proposed superhighway that is linked to a number of free trade
schemes. It has been envisioned as a means to more efficiently link up
the low-wage sweatshops and factories of Latin America with the markets
of the U.S. and Canada at the cost of billions of dollars, thousands of
displaced people, and tens of thousands of acres of trashed farmlands
and wilderness.

As such, it is an attack on workers in both the U.S. (where factory jobs
continue to be lost) and Latin America (where local contractors seek to
move sweatshop production to more and more remote locations, where wages
can be even lower and safety standards less enforced). It is an attack
on farming communities in Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississipi,
Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas. And it is an attack on forests and
wetlands across the center of the U.S.

In Indiana alone, I-69's construction would mean the:
*division of dozens of communities.
*eviction of 400 families.
*destruction of 5,000 acres of farmland, 1,500 acres of forest, and
nearly 500 acres of wetlands.

This summer is going to be a critical moment in the campaign to stop the project. We will only get what we organize to take!