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<video> Military Recruiter Protest "Chalk - Anger - Peace"

The 2nd Saturday of every month a protest vigil happens at 11am outside the NE Recruiting Office
Puppet Abuse
Puppet Abuse
A 10 minute YouTube video shows the peace protest(ers) outside the NE Portland recruiting Office on 13th and Broadway
Also that day was the day for chalked names written on the sidewalk of those soldiers who have died in this Iraq & Afghanistan War to be written along Broadway <I will have a short separate video with more about the chalking of soldiers names, coming real soon>

Near the last few minutes of this video a war supporter comes out of the recruiting station and shouts down the protester<s>
As he tries to 'dis' the meaning of why (we) protest
And as he unsucessfully tries to marginalize and refute the concept of stopping this war in the name of peace.
I ask the shouting "war supporter" - "What about the suicides by US soldiers, what are their voices saying about this war?"

Not sure if he really understood my point... but its very valid and pertinent, those sucides speak right from the rank and file.

I hear those screams in the night...I see those bodies from this war... when I close my eyes
US employed Death and Carnage and Despair is heavy in the air... and it is unacceptable... I stand against it in solidarity for and with ...those who have killed them selves to make the shit stop.
Oh I hear them .....LOUD and CLEAR!

"Shut down the War Machine - Bring The Troops Home Now!"

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Forgot to add the <video> link 14.Apr.2008 14:04

Joe Anybody


Here is the <video> link from 4/12/09

"Chalk - Anger - Peace"