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Humboldt Forest Defense Action Camp and Skillshare 2008

Preliminary announcement of the next Forest Defense Skillshare. We'll be rendezvousing in the Ancient Redwoods here in Humboldt. More details will be out shortly. Stay tuned. Inviting old-timers and newcomers alike!
MAXXAM on the way out?
MAXXAM on the way out?
Humboldt Forest Defense Action Camp and Skill Share


Sequoia Sempervirens Symposium 2008

We'll be rendezvousing in the Ancient Redwoods here in Humboldt. More details will be out shortly. Stay tuned at our blog http://humboldtforestdefense.blogspot.com/ . Join us May 2nd through May 9th to share and acquire skills for non-violent direct action focused on defending our forests!

Inviting old-timers and newcomers alike!

Humboldt Forest Defense is celebrating two major victories this Fall! Both Fern Gully Tree-sit and Nanning Creek Tree-sit will have successfully saved two majestic Old-Growth groves as their THPs(Timber Holocaust Plans) expire this fall!

Who says Tree-sitting doesn't work?

For decades, Humboldt has been at war with Pacific Lumber after the ill-faded company's hostile take-over by MAXXAM. Recently, Pacific Lumber has filed for bankruptcy. Read more about Humboldt County's chance to rid our forests of Charles Hurwitz:

Bay Area Coalition for Headwaters(BACH) Trees Foundation Environmental Protection Information Center(EPIC) NorthCoast Environmental Center(NEC)

Local Forest Actions will most likely be affected by the bankruptcy decision! It is our intent gather and discuss what these changes may bring to local Forest Defense, and to discuss ideas and tactics with local environmental groups.

We invite everyone to come join us and speak about these changes on behalf of their group/affinity.

Campaigns for Forest Defense are starting up everywhere along the West Coast:

UC Berkeley Action UC Santa Cruz Action Bear Mountain in Victoria, BC Please email spooner@spoonerdirect.org if you have an action that needs attention.

Come join us to both learn and share how to defend trees in your neck of the woods(or city)! Non-violence trainings, climb trainings, and backwoods survival trainings will be offered and shared. Have a skill? Please come and share it so others may inspire and participate in safe, non-violent forest actions around the planet! This will be a campout, so please come prepared for sleeping outdoors. It is recommended that you bring food, etc. to share with others. This is a rainforest setting, so please be prepared for the possibility of wet weather. For more information about the Sequoia Symposium, visit HFD as more information will be released on the exact location, which will be in beautiful Humboldt County. Symposium originally referred to a drinking party (the Greek verb sympotein means "to drink together") but has since come to refer to any academic conference, whether or not drinking takes place. We have all worked very hard to protect what is left. We have a lot to celebrate! Come join us in celebration and unity. The Sequoia Symposium is a drama free, Shunka free event.

homepage: homepage: http://humboldtforestdefense.blogspot.com/
phone: phone: 7078459046
address: address: HFD, PO BOX 28, ARCATA, CA 95518