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Blackrose Collective Books needs your support!

We're in a bit of a financial pinch, and we need your help!
Blackrose Collective Bookstore needs your support!

Your favorite radical, non-profit, all-volunteer collective bookstore needs your help!

Blackrose is an important part of the radical and anarchist communities in Portland. We're an infoshop, book and record store, radical meeting space, a resource for free clothes, and tons more. We're frequently the first place that travelers come for information. Our freecycle is a priceless resource to the low income people of North Portland, and we're an active opponent of gentrification on Mississippi Avenue.

Blackrose is in a bit of a financial crisis right now. We paid March rent a month late, and are currently unable to pay April rent. By the time we raise enough money to pay April, May will be right around the corner...

We strive to be a vibrant community resource, but the vibrant community resource business isn't too profitable. With no paid staff, all of the money we make goes to paying bills and improving our programs.

Help us get back on solid ground! The turbulence we're facing is not insurmountable, and we could really use the community's help to get us back on our feet!

We've been hard at work improving every part of the store...
++ Adding new titles to our lending library and weeding out the irrelevant ones.
++ Keeping our freecycle more clean, organized, and fresh than ever before
++ A quickly growing list of discussion and activity groups (see the IMC calendar!)
++ Consistent hours for the first time in a looooong while.

Here's how you can help!
1. Come visit us and buy a book or a record!
2. Donate some money! We'll gladly offer you a library membership, free clothes, posters, calendars...
3. Send us a check! (Payable to Black Rose Bookstore -- see mailing address below.)

Blackrose Collective Books
4038 N. Mississippi
Portland, OR

Open seven days a week, 12:00 - 8:00.

We're Having a Benefit Show!!

Blackrose Collective Books is having a benefit show on Wednesday, April 16! THAT'S NEXT WEEK!

Big Pink House - 4133 SE 32nd (near Gladstone)
9:00 - 11:00

Abandon Ship! - Forest Punk from Santa Cruz
The Dapper Cadavers - Old Time Skeleton Jigs from Portland

$1-$100 sliding scale. No one turned away! We'll be selling books and records, too!

Blackrose Contact Info! 13.Apr.2008 18:28

Blackrose Collective

Sorry, forgot contact info.

To contact the collective, email us at blackrosecollective@lists.riseup.net.

To learn about upcoming Blackrose events, new titles, and more, sign up for our announcements list email blackroseannounce-subcribe@lists.riseup.net. The list usually has about four or five emails a month.

Too far away! 14.Apr.2008 08:28


What about a benefit for the blackrose somewhere close to the blackrose? I love the store but SE is too far for me to go to a show. Why not liberty hall?

more benefit shows to come. 14.Apr.2008 10:40

Blackrose Collective

We'll be having more benefit shows soon, most of which will be in Blackrose's home neighborhood. We'll keep IMC posted!

There's a benefit show tonite! 16.Apr.2008 06:17


At The Big Pink House - 4133 SE 32nd (off of Gladstone)
9-11 pm
Wednesday April 16th

Come dance your heart out and raise funds for the Black Rose Collective Bookstore & Community Resource Center!

Abandon Ship! - Forest Punk from Santa Cruz The Dapper Cadavers - Old Time Skeleton Jigs from Portland

$1-$100 sliding scale. No one turned away.