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What we can do about skyrocketing food prices

In addition to cutting out meat and dairy products, let's also cut out grains as much as possible as these are what are needed most in poor countries.
U.S. backed corporate globalization is mainly responsible for the food havoc wracking much of the world. Rice, corn and wheat are just about all that can be afforded in the developing world, and now corporate America is rendering these unaffordable. But here in the Belly of the Corporate Beast, we can still choose to drop grains from our diet and opt for potatoes, yams, vegetables and fruits-so let's do so! Time for a grain boycott in the U.S., Canada and European Union!

No meat, dairy OR rice, corn and wheat! We can do with fewer donuts, burgers(and buns), corn flakes and rice krispies!

And while we're doing that, let's work on eleiminating the chief source of hunger in the world-capitalism-and replace it with economic democracy!

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Oil prices are a major factor 14.Apr.2008 08:19

Anon Anon

The price of oil is a factor for soaring food prices as agriculture and food distribution is heavily dependent on fossil fuels. Cropland biofuels are also a factor.

The world must transition from these fuels to EVs and PVs, sustainable biofuels, and better land use planning.