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Ottawa, Canada: Attack on police station and fire set

The morning of Thursday April 10th, a black bloc was called together to "shut down" CANSEC (secrity and weapons fair) and attack the system it expands. From the beginning of the demonstration an overwhelming police presence was mobilized to intimidate our small bloc.
This repression characterizes the continuing crackdown on subversion taking place across "Canada." Allies everywhere are facing exaggerated sentences for blockades (at Tyendinaga), land reclamations (at Six Nations), or even for the fabrications alleged by our exploiters (in the case against John "boy" Graham).

Here in "Ottawa" it was no different, they kidnapped one comrade after our bloc smashed up a military recruiting centre.

Odds against us, greatly outnumbered and repressed, our determined bloc moved on.

Because of this obscene repression and because of the courage of our comrades we chose to act.

Let them never get away with this!!

While many moved to the jail holding our fellow companion in a show of solidarity, tonight we take up arms to express ours!

The community police station, on Somerset west of Bank, was attacked with rocks and paint bombs, and we set fire to a newspaper distribution box in front to draw attention to our attack and to highlight our rage towards the pigs.

The police implement surveillance and weapons technology (that which is paraded and whorshipped at CANSEC) for profiling people, locking them behind walls of borders and jails, for militarizing the cities and mowing down any resistance to this ever expanding system. The implementation of this technology and the demand for it only grows as the influence of the
institutions that wield it expands over the planet with the help of projects like the SPP, for spectacles like the Olympic games, and to defend capitalism and the G8 that manipulate it. It is clear to all that CANSEC, its technology, their police, etc are all of one class: the one we grovel to as we get up for work, as we check our bank accounts, pay the rent and bills, the ones we cringe before when crossing their path...

Vancouver Integrated Security Unit (VISU), for example, are spending their million dollar budget on gadgets sold at CANSEC to repress the mounting revolt against the colonization of our lives and lands. Colonization continues (through Progress) to impose a sterile territory, social relations, and hostile existence on us all.

In "Ottawa" this colonization of life means streets endlessly shaded by skyscrapers, homeless forecefully excluded from the remnants of social life drifting through downtown streets. It means being watched by cameras wherever we set foot, the mechinization of relationships, to be alienated from the means to our survival. It means unforgettable repression and
unforgivable abuse!

No words can express our contempt for this system, its defenders, and those who profit from it (off our backs)!

Tonight was ours, tomorrow we can only ACT to insure this. NOW COMRADES!
Until we are all free!

- Hooligans who Hate Hierarchy