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War Tax Resistance

Public forum on defunding the war at the downtown public library.
The Oregon Community for War Tax Resistance will be hosting a public forum/discussion on defunding the war--how we can and why we must. Some of the panel speakers have been conscientious objectors to war and have been redirecting some or all of their federal taxes to go instead to worthwhile, under-funded, and peaceful local groups. Q and A session to follow...

Place: downtown library--821 SW. 10th (in Bank room--just to the right as you go through the front doors)

when: Sat.,April 12

Time: 10 am- noon

Before you send in those tax checks, check us out! We will also be having a "redirection" ceremony of federal taxes that will be spent on local non-profits in need of funds.

for more info 11.Apr.2008 16:25


for more info contact wrlpdx.org or call (503) 238-0605...also monthly workshops are at Laughing Horse Books every 3rd Monday of the month at 7 pm.