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another protest survey

a follow up to my questions here:

I would like to ask a follow-up question to my previous one.

Why DON'T you protest?

what are the reasons that you do not participate in protests?

It's about how you feel about yourself 11.Apr.2008 15:13


Participating in protests is analogous to recycling, or using alternatives fuels, or riding your bike.
These actions in and of themselves may not have much of a direct effect on the problem you are attempting to address, but they make you feel good because you know you are not part of the problem.

The "problem" being this.
The people who claim protesting is ineffective and a waste of time because it doesn't change things, need to also concede that it is the lack of "numbers" that render protests less effective than what they could be.

If 10 million people across the country rose up and went to the streets, you can bet that protesting would be a much more effective vehicle for change. But since they don't, it isn't. So when people say "I don't participate in protests because they are ineffective" are themselves the reason that they are ineffective.

The same could be said of any action (or lack of action) we take in our own lives.
Riding my bike and using veggie oil for fuel won't fix global warming, but I will know that I am not part of the problem.
But mostly I go to protests for myself because I want to know that when it was time for people of conscience to stand up and be counted, I did.

Silence is complicity regardless of how well honed your rationalizations are.

Why I don't 11.Apr.2008 17:25


I don't participate in protests because they never have a concrete demand and the will to stand until the demand is met. Protests are an example of mob rule and group think also known as Democracy. As a member of a representative republic I am damn tired of ignorant people not even knowing what they are supposedly standing up against. Thats why I don't protest but I still support those who do in my heart hoping for a better tomorrow. If everyone that protested on Saturdays would email and call their congressmen Monday-Friday they would be more effective. One phone call or email counts as the voice of 16,000 don't just be heard on the weekends be heard everyday.

im sure there are lots of reasons people dont go 11.Apr.2008 19:07


im not sure what all of them are
but if it is because you feel they dont make a difference
just know that if it wasnt for actions like this
i may have never known that there were others who felt like me out there
and it realy helped me to change my life and start working to change the world around me
i wonder how many others started thinking a little (or a lot) bit more from protests/marches/actions
just because you dont see imediate results, doesnt me that there arent any

those who inspired me did so just by showing up and making a little noise
how many people have you inspired/ been inspired by latelly?

just my 2cents

to answer your question 11.Apr.2008 20:37


I did not go to the last protest (and the funk the war, and the student walk out) because I had to work. I tried hard to get out of work for the student protest, for lots of reasons, mostly because I thought it was important to support them, but I couldn't. If the middle-class isn't willing to skip work on a wednesday to protest, why should my $12.000 a year makin' self lose out on a days pay to support a parade - parade, not a protest.

many people dont go becuase they dont know it's happening 11.Apr.2008 21:47


I cant count the number of times I've gone to work the day after the "parade" and folks say. "I would have been there if I had known about it"

Normal people are connected to the outside world by the TV set. Many people live west of the willamete river, or east of 82nd ave, south of Powell blvd and north of I-84.

If truly want a big crowd at one of these we ought to quit pretending to be poor, twist a thousand peoples arms for 50$, and make a catchy TV ad. Run it during Desperate Housewives.
Mattress World has a nice TV ad, why cant we? Knock off the "subthemes" and just have "end the war"

The majority of folks in this country want to end the Iraq war. I don't think attracting a hundred thousand in Portland is an unreasonable goal.