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Visit your Representative Thursday

come and say it loud
We will return to Rep. Blumenauer's office at high noon, Thursday 04/10/08 for our 37th week to protest his refusal to call for investigations into the criminal activities of the cheney/bush crime family.

We call for Impeachment, Indictments, and Incarceration of the principals who lied us into this madness. We will continue our protest/vigils until our representative acts on his oath of office or cheney/bush have left the White House.

Come join Veterans, Lawyers, Union Reps, Teachers and other activists who cry out for justice. Our group is called "Individuals for Justice" because no one person is in charge; bring a sign you can be proud of and say it loud.

For Justice and Peace,
Joe Walsh-Lone Vet

homepage: homepage: http://www.walsh08.com