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SPEAKER NEEDED on PDX May Day 2000 AND LA May Day 2007

PMO is putting together a panel of speakers, and are looking for willing parties to discuss their experience at either last year's LA May Day or PDX's May Day of 2000.
PMO (Proyecto Margarita Ortega) is an anti-authoritarian collective dedicated to immigrant rights community organizing. We are putting on an event the night of April 27th to kick off May Day, which will include tables from local, like-minded organizations, free food / music and a panel that will speak on May Days past and May Days future. We are looking to include participants in both last year's LA May Day and PDX's May Day of 2000 who can talk about the blatant displays of police brutality and either what LA is expecting from this year's holiday, or where Portland May Days have gone since. If you (or someone you know) would want to speak, please email us at:  pdxproyecto@gmail.com