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alling all Kucinich supporters: Volunteers gathering to elect a New Congress

Stop bashing Ron Paul and his supporters. At least they are organized and fighting to take back the Republican party from the corrupt bastards club. The Democratic Party is at least as corrupt- it is time to organize and help Kucinich take back the Democratic Party. San Francisco has Shirley Golub- we need a Shirly Golub in EVERY DISTRICT!
Kucinich volunteers and activists are working together at  http://www.peacecandiates.com to take back the Democratic party from the Corporate Cronies!

Kucinich activists/volunteers are still working together to elect a Congress that will support his platform and legislation in Congress.

We need a Congress that will

a) cut the funding to Iraq and the phony war on terror

b) sign on to HR676 Universal HealthCARE for All

c) Hand Counted Paper Ballots NOW!

d) Impeach Bush/Cheney OR Sign on to the ICC and send them to the Hague as the war criminals they are!

e) End the drug war and release the innocent Americans from prison. End the Prison Industrial Complex.

f) Repeal the Patriot Act

If we all work together, we can elect a Congress that will uphold our Constitution and respect Kucinich's leadership qualities enough to make him Speaker of the House.

Some may say I am a dreamer, but I am not the only one...


homepage: homepage: http://www.peacecandidates.com/