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Two military officers of high conscience and courage, Marine Major William B. Fox and Army Captain Eric H. May, have posted a critical worldwide alert on false flag prospects for this week, April 7-11. As they point out, there are too many indicators of a possible war with Iran not to be concerned.
-- All officials and media: please forward, print and broadcast. --


Attention: Federal Bureau of Investigation

This alert is issued in accordance with a mission of conscience by two former military officers: Major William B. Fox, USMCR, Publisher, America First Books; and Captain Eric H. May, former Army intelligence officer, Military Correspondent, The Lone Star Iconoclast. We consider our actions to be consistent with the oath we took to defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

This week, April 7-11, there is a heightened possibility of a foreign or domestic false flag attack, used to trigger a war with Iran. We believe that the most likely false flag events would be either an attack on a US ship abroad (e.g., the Israeli 1967 false flag attack on the USS Liberty), or a false flag terror attack on the US domestic target. The most likely patsies would be Iranian military forces or Hezbollah.

Captain May's March 31 article in the Lone Star Iconoclast Spring Fling in Iran? -- Updating World War III describes several significant intelligence indicators for commencement of war with Iran:

1. Israel will conduct the largest domestic defense exercise in its history this week.
2. Admiral William "Fox" Fallon, who vigorously opposed an attack on Iran, was sacked as CENTCOM commander on March 11.
3. Senator John McCain has recently made repeated statements that Iran is connected with Al Qaeda.
4. General David Petraeus has recently made the claim that Iran is responsible for destabilizing Iraq, particularly in the matter of recent attacks on the US Green Zone in Baghdad.

Since that article's publication, top Bush administration members have held meetings with key foreign leaders, which may have been used to reach an accord prior to an attack on Iran:

1. George Bush met with Russian President Vladimir Putin this weekend.
2. Dick Cheney recently met top leaders in Saudi Arabia.
3. Robert Gates visited the Sultanate of Oman.

Numerous mainstream news articles from mainstream sources support possibility of war with Iran in the near future. All articles listed below were written in April:

Exclusive: Iran, Syria, Lebanon on military alert
Israel: Full-scale War-Drill on April 6-10, 2008
British fear US commander is beating the drum for Iran strikes
Ritter says White House preparing for war in Iran
Alarmed' As US Readies April Nuclear Attack On Iran
Israel to Redistribute Gas Masks Amid Fears of War with Iran
Another American War Crime in the Making
Israel conducts War Games directed against Iran and Syria

The author archive page that Major Fox created for Captain May's previous work explains in great detail why the false flag attack threat is very real. W. Leon Smith, publisher of The Lone Star Iconoclast, has endorsed Captain May's select methodology in his March 3 editorial "Time to Investigate Houston is Now" and his March 26 editorial "Lone Star Lone Ranger." Mr. Smith has called for a Congressional investigation based upon Captain May's accuracy in issuing alerts that were borne out by later events.

We believe that an informed public is our best defense against the possibilities we have raised in this alert. We considered the absence of substantial mainstream media attention to the war indicators we have mentioned above in itself to be an indicator that a lapdog press corps is enabling the possibility of war. Serious discussion will remove an extremely serious threat, and it is our name to inform the American people so that they can initiate that discussion.

Respectively submitted,

Major William B. Fox
Captain Eric H. May

Contact Information:

Major Fox:
PO Box 8, South Bend, WA 98586)

Captain May:

-- All officials and media: please forward, print and broadcast. --

Thanks Captain May 08.Apr.2008 06:13

My Name is Nobody

Since our government does not tell the truth we can only speculate. It looks like they are getting ready for some action against Iran and need some sort of false flag to kick things off. We must remain vigilant.

WHEN will?? 14.Apr.2008 06:53

Clark C. McClelland, former ScO, Space Shuttle Fleet,, KSC clark0003@gmail.com

WHEN will - - - the "Seven Days in May" Scenario happen to SAVE OUR NATION?? The Pentagon can and should end the TREASON in DC! WILL THEY???



This in it self is an interesting point 07.Apr.2008 11:30

Ben Waiting

This line from the posted article

{{{ Admiral William "Fox" Fallon, who vigorously opposed an attack on Iran, was sacked as CENTCOM commander on March 11. }}}}

Seems worth looking into as to ...Why? ....
And what is the reason for Admiral Fallon to be "sacked" .... this may be very telling in its self



Thanks for alerting us on Indy Media with this information

False Flag my A$$ 07.Apr.2008 11:52

Thomas Hobbes

I thought there was supposed to be a false flag attack in Portland last year? Oh wait that never happened. Do you guys just keep throwing out predictions in the hope that you will be right at least once. What a waste of time.


Revolutionary May, not Eric May

Captain Eric May is a promulgator of Neofascist/anti-Jewish "analysis" and ideology. All genuine possibility of Iran war aside, the man is not our ally. He is as much our enemy as Dick Cheney, even if he stridently opposes the latter!

Break it down for youselves:


Reply to critics 07.Apr.2008 18:36

Captain Eric H. May

To my first critic above, who suggests that I predicted an attack on Portland, I suggest you look at the archive of my articles. You will find that there are some half a dozen alerting your city to the PROSPECT that you may be set up for a false flag attack. If you want to go through life with your eyes closed, mocking everyone who tells you to look out for yourself, that's fine with me. I do not know that your city is going to be nuked, but I thought it worth while in the past to a larger to the possibility. Incidentally, in July there will be more national level exercises targeting Portland. Keep on laughing...

Captain Eric H. May archive:  http://www.thepriceofliberty.org/arc_may.htm

To my second critic above, who suggests that I am no ally (even if I issue alerts that may preempt the entry of our nation into a general Middle Eastern war), I am in full agreement with you that interested parties should refer to my home site. That site, incidentally, is kept by a Portland area webmaster.

Best regards, Captain May

Is this going to turn out like last year's "Cheney nukes PDX" drill? 07.Apr.2008 19:42


because if it is, quit spamming the newswire.

False Flag my A$$ 07.Apr.2008 21:54

Thomas Hobbes

Spin it how you want. You guys look at world events and then fabricate some potential dire consequence that odds are will never happen. But you keep on believing and enjoy the canned air of your bunker. Oh one more thing beware the Rothschilds and the Elders of Zion!!! BUSH KILLED KENNEDY!!

actually.. 08.Apr.2008 10:09


Actually, Bush DID kill Kennedy. There's a photo online of GHWB standing in front of the Texas Book Depository the morning of 11/22/63. There's also a video at www.question911.com that explores the facts of JFK Jr.'s plane crash. GWB definitely played a role in that situation. Check it out before you knock it out...
GHWB In front of the Texas Schoolbook Depository, Nov. 22, 1963
GHWB In front of the Texas Schoolbook Depository, Nov. 22, 1963

Maybe, but... 09.Apr.2008 07:42


This is ceratinly a very god possibility, but consider all this with Iran may just be a distraction. Disinformation and deflection.

Now, consider this thread...


Quite frankly, I can't believe no one is on board with me on this yet.

skywalker 10.Apr.2008 15:01

just a begining skywalker@saveearth.alein

this is just a begining of many thinks to come this event would seem like kids play for what to come next... suspendent elections, martial law, amero, gold rules of trade .... and many more...those are just a tip of a much biger pictures

god help us all

TRUE FREEDOM 16.Apr.2008 09:43


The worse thing you can do is buy in to there fear it's exactly what they need to thrive and thriving they are

What is happing is a combination of all our fear and hate they have successfully focused for there own ends

They have successfully moved our love for one another to love for material possessions

But have hart more and more of us are wakening up they will fail all you see happing is not the beginning it is the end it is the death roars of a giant monsters in its last days

Don't feel there fear and hate feel the love all of you so obviously have

But love for what please don't be angry please ask your self's what is making you angry

Please can I ask what is it that brings you all to this board what is it you all have in common what is it you all care about?

If you can answer that feel the love in your hart and mind from that one thing always.

Fined the one good universal thing that is in all of us and that brings us to places like this and be passionate grab it with both hands and spread it every where you can

Change it with your happy hart and your opened mind

Do not buy the fear and the hate it will end up your fate

Love to you all