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impeachment is on the table

we are putting our money into accountability
In the great State of Oregon three Impeachment Candidates running for the House, put political ads on the Portland Station, KPOJ. Mark Welyczko, (Dist 1), Joe Walsh, (Dist 3) and Nancy Moran, (Dist 5) put their resources together and cut a 60 second ad that says impeachment is back on the table. The ad will run for the rest of the week, 04/07 thru 04/11:


homepage: homepage: http://www.walsh08.com

pick your side - for what its worth? 07.Apr.2008 17:27

Joe Anybody iam@joe-anybody.com

either stand on grounds of the constitution or don't and sidestep around it

either defend 'our' constitution or .....dont!

these there individuals believe in the constitution

whether voting or not, whether its gonna fly or not

a citizen these days can either care or not, care to fight for justice ... or just look the other way

either you follow the law or you don't

either you know the difference & care to stand by the constitution and law

or do like Earl and others who will ignore the facts, and ignore their oaths, and ignore the constitution and any hope or requirement for honest, trustworthy, leadership

It Is
It Is "Never To Late" For Honest Justice and Honest Government