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PPRC 5 pm No War march MLK speech 4-4-08 <video>

The weekly Friday 5 pm No War March listened to a speech by
Martin Luther King which was played to the activists in the square
"I have been to the mountain top"
I've Been To The Mountain Top
I've Been To The Mountain Top
PPRC NO WAR march on 4-4-08
PPRC NO WAR march on 4-4-08
There was no march
Instead we listened to the speech by Dr. King
I've Been to the Mountain Top

I recorded this event in Pioneer Square on 4/4/08
There was no march that day
We all went away with a message that applied when it was spoken and applies just as much to today

This event is organized by the

here is the 36 minute google video:

Get Active

homepage: homepage: http://www.joe-anybody.com/id1.html

video file noved 11.Nov.2012 12:14


 http://archive.org/details/PprcMlk5OclockPeaceMarchOn4.4.08.-PortlandOregon (36 min video)

video was moved cause YT saying the audio was owned