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The Federal Reserve (not federal, not a reserve) about to pounce (get thi$ new$)

The Illuminati bankers going for gold
Aaron Russo
Aaron Russo
A plan for economic thievery, government oversight for banks, brokerages, and investment houses, bankruptcy at the taxpayer's expense, lets have the fox watch the hen house, financial vampires of wall street out to suck us all dry, worries for non-insider funds of all kinds
"You shall be in charge of preventing all financial thievery in the kingdom," declared Hanky Panky Paulson, former chief henchman for the King of Insider Trading, the evil, conniving, Illuminist investment bank and brokerage firm called Goldman Sachs, to the King of Financial Thieves, the diabolical, nongovernmental, private bank known as the Federal Reserve, whose chief henchman is Fed Head Helicopter Ben Bernanke. And you can bet that the King of Financial Thieves will do just that and prevent as much financial thievery as possible, save, of course, for the frauds and thieveries which its own henchmen commit. After all, we could not have any competition of that nature now could we? What better way could there be to get rid of all the other thieves plaguing the system? It only makes sense, since that leaves more illicit profit for the King of Financial Thieves and its main henchman, the King of Insider Trading. And what did you expect the former chief henchman of the King of Insider Trading, currently on loan to us as our Prince of the Treasury, to say? Did you expect him to say something stupid like: "the government will now have a special agency to oversee the Fed and all of its member banks, as well as all of the other banks, investment banks and brokerage houses, to make sure that none of those institutions are allowing our citizens to be victimized by the commission of any devious, unscrupulous frauds or by encouraging such criminal enterprises through the lack of regulation and transparency." Isn't this the same Hanky Panky who thought we could have so-called "self-regulation?" Well, obviously that did not work, which even the arrogant Hanky Panky would have to admit, but he won't anyway.

So instead, let's turn it all over to the King of Financial Thieves which allowed and encouraged all of our past and current problems to happen in the first place, ad nauseam, over the course of almost a century, in order to rob us of our sovereignty so we can all have a One World Party. Yeah, that's the ticket! Never mind that the King of Financial Thieves is a private institution run by unelected master thieves who run our government from behind the scenes. Never mind that the main reason for the credit-crunch and subprime debacles occurred because the King of Financial Thieves has already failed the first time around to regulate its own henchmen and all the other thieves on Wall Street. Never mind that the King of Financial Thieves just orchestrated an act of corporate piracy against Bear Stearns by coordinating a run on its assets, threatening its ratings and then guaranteeing $30 billion of non-recourse loans to the King's main shareholder, JP Morgan, so that Bear could be bought out and raped with a few dregs left over for shareholders while corporate officers got to keep all their billions in bonus money in return for transferring 39.5% of Bears outstanding stock in violation of NYSE rules to JP Morgan so they could vote against going bankrupt, all of which is totally illegal and was done, in all probability, almost exclusively at taxpayer expense.

And wouldn't it be silly to expect our Dumbo and Jackass government officials to do the regulating because such officials, as stupid and corrupt as they may be, are elected by the people? What a quaint idea it would be to actually have our own government regulating the financial industry. Oh, we forgot, to a certain extent it already does, we just hadn't noticed since they don't do anything but go after newsletter writers and small brokers and leave the real thieves alone. Even on the rare occasions when they actually do go after one of the real culprits, they just fine them for far less than was stolen, leaving them with a profit, and Heaven forbid the guilty should get any jail time. Crime does pay when you own the system. So what difference does it make, we suppose, to have our government regulate the financial industry when the master thieves that run the Fed, the Illuminati, also run our corrupt and useless government anyway? But heck, forget about such foolishness, let's go back to self-regulation again. Let's let the fox watch the hen house. Let's keep all those corrupt and compromised incumbents in office so the unelected master thieves can continue to run our government from the shadows. After all, this is America, so let's go ahead and give these evil reprobates a second chance to bankrupt our country. We forgive them. Let's just turn the other cheek and let bygones be bygones. (NOT!!!)

As so aptly demonstrated by his suggestion that we turn all regulation of our financial institutions over to the Fed, Hanky Panky Paulson has once again shown that he is the penultimate model for the typical Wall Street miscreant of the shameless variety. The gall of these people is both boundless and astounding! The arrogance of these reprobates and sociopaths surpasses even that of Satan, who has nothing on these woe begotten pirates, buccaneers, scalawags and scum-bag traitors who have destroyed our nation, and also themselves, with their profligate brand of Ponzi-scheming, shell-game-breeding greed and their insatiable lust for power. These people are nothing but financial vampires out to suck us all dry. It's time to break out the crucifixes and drive a stake through the heart of the head vampire, the Fed, and kill it off once and for all! Where is Van Helsing when you need him?

Note how Lehman Brothers has been able to raise $4 billion in capital and to take advantage of the Term Securities Auction Facility and the Primary Dealers Credit Facility initiated by the Fed to keep it from going under. Bear was never given these opportunities even though financially it was much stronger than Lehman Brothers. Why, we ask, was there a run on Bear Stearns assets but not on those of the much weaker Lehman Brothers? We'll tell you why. Bear, as a non-insider thorn in the Illuminist side, was forced out and cannibalized by its peers before it had a chance to recover. This is how insiders are allowed to survive and non-insiders are raped and wiped out or merged.

The past two weeks have been very telling in terms of the cartel's modus operandi. You always have to look at the big picture, and put together the clues to solve the manipulation puzzle. Remember that the cartel always carefully chooses the time and place of its battles so as to utilize its resources most efficiently. If we could get the dumb specs to do the same, gold would be north of $2,000 by now. Be that as it may, we wanted to make certain observations that we thought might be instructive with respect to the current correction in metals and commodities. Gold has still held above 870 and has snapped back to above 890, while silver held at 16.30 and has gone back over 17. Safe-haven, physical demand, which under the current terrifying financial and economic circumstances is simply relentless, has kept the metals from collapsing and will soon cause them to rally once again, only this time much more powerfully because everyone that missed the previous rallies is now buying in at bargain levels and will want to make up for lost time and profits. We see some very aggressive buying on the horizon as a result, and we also expect hedge funds that are fighting existential battles for their very survival to be extremely predatory. Most hedgies must either raise their capital ratios from profits, or suffer the consequences of forced de-leveraging from margin calls as their toxic waste continues to get devalued. By and large, the specs are in the same soup as the banks, investment banks and brokerage houses, and profits from precious metals and commodities are their version of Fed money and credit injections which are not available to them except indirectly from scared-to-lend banks and investment banks being fed by the Fed.

Note how the cartel continues to use yen-hits on gold as one of it main strategies to suppress gold, silver and commodities. The protective derivatives of the hedgies have neutralized this weapon, which is now used mainly to keep a lid on gold as opposed to driving it substantially downward as was done in the past. Note how we just got a big 391 point Dow rally in the general stock markets on Tuesday. This was another "puff the fluff" extravaganza orchestrated by the cartel by weakening the yen after the metals were softened to prevent the extra carry trade liquidity from sending the metals to new highs. The yen was weakened by approximately two yen per dollar and two yen per euro in one day as the PPT pumped up the stock markets to provide a buffer for future bad news such as abysmal earnings and employment, and also to provide more market-crashing power so they can try to subdue the upcoming rally in metals which they know is coming very soon. They have about 900 points of market-crashing power on the Dow, which they could crash from the current 12,654 down to the previous closing low of about 11,740 without doing irreparable technical damage.

They also plan on adding some more while the metals are consolidating. Also, the strategy now is to make it look like the economy and the dollar are improving via fane-stream media disinformation while metals are being hammered in order to move people out of tangible assets back into paper assets like stocks and bonds. The cartel is still desperately doing its best to create a blow-off top in the general stock markets while suppressing metals and commodities so they can bail at the top using dark pools of liquidity via Project Turquoise and then pour the proceeds from the sale of their paper assets into the commodities at suppressed prices. Non-insider hedge funds, pension funds, insurance companies, large trusts and endowment funds will get vaporized if this happens unless they diversify heavily into precious metals and commodities and their related shares. You already saw what they did to Bear Stearns. JP Morgan bought Bear for a song after the elitists forced a run on its assets and then threatened its ratings. Others will get the same when the depression arrives and thousands of corporations and institutional players go bankrupt.

We also saw several things line up which together made sense in terms of the cartel's suppression strategy.

First and foremost, take note of how the cartel always strikes when a most active futures contract in the metals is rolled over into another month. In this case, April futures were rolled mainly into June, which tells you that the hedgies are still expecting wild upward action through the end of May, especially considering the six month low in open interest for gold that leaves plenty of upward latitude. The downward pressure from rollovers also affects other commodities such as oil, and is caused because the longs must cash out their margined futures positions or cough up the cash to pay in full for physical delivery, thus causing a liquidation of long positions. There is always a big battle over pricing as these rollovers occur, which also coincides roughly with the expiration of option contracts for commodities, making the price war doubly important.

The fact that physical delivery is rarely called for shows you that most of the futures players are just gambling, not hedging for raw materials. It should be clear to everyone that after what we saw happen to uranium, futures markets are set up so that large, institutional Illuminist players can control the prices of virtually all commodities. Giving producers a market to hedge their products is the excuse we are given for this rigged system to benefit the rich insiders. Large specs would do well to bear this in mind. When playing futures, you're gambling in a casino where you are not allowed to count the cards or you get thrown out. This is why we have been asking the specs to call the commercial's bluff by demanding some physical delivery. We could have had another gold run bank holiday by now if they had done so. There is still some time for this maneuver should they wish to utilize it. Buying physical bullion directly in the physical pits has the same effect, but with less of a surprise element and without the benefit of a complete forfeiture of all assets if physical delivery can not be made under a futures contract. In the futures market, the commercials are already committed to sell, whereas in the physical pits they can refuse to sell. Further, we believe that you have no business buying futures in this rigged system unless you also own the physical market. The cartel runs our government and therefore knows from the regulators where all the trailing stops are, what the volume is, who owns the various positions, where traders are the most vulnerable and how far they have to push to start a cascade of stop-triggering. Large specs should therefore focus on the physical markets and stay out of the gambling casino until they dominate in physical bullion. Once the physical markets are dominated, fortunes can be made in futures. You must change the ownership of the casino before you can be a big winner. Otherwise, you are just depending on sheer luck.

Second, note how several things occurred close in time to one another as gold topped out at 1032 in the later hours of Sunday, March 16 in Asia, which must have given the cartel a collective myocardial infarction. This was the orchestrated Bear Stearns weekend. Also, during the two weeks leading up to that time, and also over the past week, gold and silver lease rates took a plunge, especially for one, two and three month contracts and suddenly silver and gold became in short physical supply in many markets and for many dealers around the world. We also heard various rumors during this time such as increases in margin requirements for futures in precious metals, gold sales by Germany, and a lessening of power problems in South Africa. Rounding things out, we had the end of a quarter and nervous lenders internally increasing their margin requirements as the credit-crunch continued to worsen, both of which triggered sell-offs in the metals and other commodities to square books and cover margins. You can therefore see the large tapestry of manipulation made by the despicable Illuminati and their gold suppression cartel who are scared out of their wits that they can no longer hide the destruction of the dollar and our economy from the public. Their moves came when other factors were in their favor, such as the rollover of futures and the end of the quarter.

Can you now picture what has been going on? First, the shortages are being caused by central and bullion banks demanding bullion from producers and dealers, including the US mint, so they can lease them out at the greatly-reduced, bargain-basement, short-term lease rates for eventual sale into the markets to bring down precious metals prices. We can assure you that central and bullion banks, being always the largest customers of producers and dealers, get all the gold and silver they want before anyone else does and the public be damned. While the leasing is going on, the central banks are pouring it on with sales as well. To stop safe-haven buying, the cartel makes the pillaging of Bear Stearns look like a rescue since the planned and orchestrated run on its assets, if allowed to cause Bear to collapse into bankruptcy, would threaten the whole system and JP Morgan in particular on the many trillions in derivatives, and that would have sent gold to the moon. That is why the Fed had to step in to offer a non-recourse loan to JP Morgan to clean up and acquire Bear Stearns, with the Fed accepting Bear Stearns toxic waste collateral as security for the loan at face value, essentially dumping the collateral value deficiency onto the backs of taxpayers. JP Morgan otherwise lacked the resources to save Bear, being insolvent like all the other big banks and investment banks, so the hit on Bear Stearns could not have been carried out without the Fed's help. While all this was going on, the rumor mill started and the Illuminist lenders began to pressure on large specs by changing margin requirements internally. Add to this the end of quarter book-squaring and the rollover of April futures to June, and you have a correction in precious metals and commodities. That correction will not last long, so get your digs in now and prepare to save your bacon from the ravages of hyperinflation. We see a rally coming that will last to at least the end of May, and even longer if financial conditions continue to deteriorate further, a very strong possibility notwithstanding the government's stimulus package.

Very long, but very informative!! 07.Apr.2008 08:26


Is this your analysis, or do you have cites? Secondly, do you have cites for good analyses/reporting about the Fed's true status as a private entity and the ruse that has been perpetrated on America since the early 1900's?