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Female US Soldiers Raped By Male Soldiers - Liberated Iraqi Women Frequently Raped

As if the shame of Abu Graib, CIA Rendition, and Gitmo are not enough, Bush's war in Iraq has been an epidemic of rape. Not only are the Iraqi women that Bush and Cheney "liberated" frequently raped, but US service women now have a better chance of being raped by male US soldiers than of being injured in combat!!
This is only the latest of shocking aspect of a shamefully under reported story in the US media. A new story in the LA times reports that 2947 US service women were raped by fellow soldiers in 2006, a 73% increase over 2004. Yet as the few investigative reports that do exist indicate, female soldiers are under intense pressure not to report incidents of rape in the military. The actual figure is probably much higher.

LA Time article:  link to www.latimes.com

The extent to which Iraqi women are subject to rape by U.S. soldiers is probably much worse.


Of course, this isn't new. Women serving in the U.S. military have for years had to endure rape from fellow soldiers and officers, even at home on U.S. bases, but in outlaw Iraq where the military is increasingly being recruited from people with criminal backgrounds who would have been rejected in the past, it's taking on a whole new issue. Is there one Congressman who is taking up this issue? Have Hillary or Barak even mentioned it?

The republican (chirstian) nazi's don't care, they are the cheer leaders! 05.Apr.2008 17:52


It really is sad to say the lest about what this once great country stood for! That was before the nazi right wing chirstians took contol of the white house!