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Radical Parenting and Childcare Collective Forming

Radical Parents Unite!
Friday, April 11th, 2008
Old Wives Tale
1300 Burnside, Portland
We, the radical parenting community and our allies, are tired of the

corporate-based childcare options afforded to our children. We refuse to

sacrifice our families' belief systems to pro-capitalist and consumerist,

organized religion-based, anti-vegitarian/vegan, pro-military and war,

anti-thought, kid corrals!

We are forming a collective to not only provide childcare for each other, but

to also provide support for each other as we teach our children to rage

against the machine.

So, come and join us as we explore other topics specific to progressive

parenting at:

Old Wives Tale
1300 Burnside
April 11th, Friday, 6:30pm

thank goodness 02.Apr.2008 11:31


Me and some of my friends have been throwing this idea around for awhile, we just couldn't imagine the means to do it. I'm so glad you guys figured something out! Stellar idea. Kid corrals indeed. Good luck!