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Stumptown Earth First! Does Fossil Fool's Day Action.

A Four-Story Tall Banner Was Dropped Off Of Burnside Bridge
As part of Fossil Fool's Day, Stumptown Earth First! in protest of the LNG Oregon Pipelines, performed a four-story banner hang off of the Burnside Bridge in downtown Portland, OR. The banner reads No New Pipelines with a no LNG logo directly in the middle. The Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Pipeline is a proposed project that involves three LNG processing terminals and over 600 miles of new pipeline throughout Oregon.

Lokk for Other Fossil Fool's Day Actions 01.Apr.2008 15:00

ant ant@risingtidenorthamerica.org

Fossil Fool's Day is an International Day of Action that was called for by the International Rising Tide Network. There have been tons of things happening all over the planet from the UK to Australia and even South Africa. Today has been a complete success. Check back to Portland indymedia and the Fossil Fool's Day website for more updates today and tomorrow.

FOSSIL FOOL'S DAY!!!!!  Pull a Prank That Packs A Punch!
FOSSIL FOOL'S DAY!!!!! Pull a Prank That Packs A Punch!

Correction 01.Apr.2008 19:50



every day and..... is opportunity to wake up the fossil fools 02.Apr.2008 09:50


Random acts of kindness like this throughout the year is needed for the biosphere and future generations of all life until the fools are woken up or removed from their thrones

forget about the DNC and RNC. How about a fossil fools week(s) events instead?

no new pipelines is right! 02.Apr.2008 11:55


y'all are up to all kinds of good stuff....
wonderful work and thanks for drawing attention to lng in your fossil fools day prank!

the various communities that are fighting this new infrastructure in the region are lucky to have folks like you working in pdx to bring this issue to light. for people in pdx who are removed geographically from the 3 proposed lng terminals and the 4 associated new pipeline routes it is crucial to see this kind of public demonstration to become informed.

right now thousands of oregon residents are facing the threat of eminent domain for the construction of over 500 miles of new pipeline infrastructure; meanwhile, pipeline companies are planning to cross over 300 waterways and clearcut miles of mt. hood nat'l forest just to deliver gas from new proposed lng terminals (planned for the Columbia River and Coos Bay)to an existing delivery system that feeds fossil fuel to the nw and california.
the proposed lng terminals represent local and global impacts. the 3 proposed terminals in oregon all call for massive dredging in the waterways on which they are planned to be built and they all require river/bay water for use in their ships and regasification processes. This mistreatment of our rivers and creeks poses a serious threat to salmon and other marine life. lng has to be frozen and compressed, transported over-seas, and regasified; this process causes green-house-gas emissions all along the way making lng closer to coal than domestic natural gas in its climate change impact.

so thanks again for continuing to call attention to lng and related pipelines for folks in pdx!

Other energy options include bio-gas methane 02.Apr.2008 13:33

NO LNG imports needed!!

Really there is no need to import the highly explosive liquified form of natural gas (LNG) in giant ocean tankers when there's a local and sustainable solution from our own natural waste byproducts. In Kobe, Japan, their bus fleet runs off of methane bio-gas captured from sewage and treated for use as energy. This is a closed loop cycle as methane gas from human waste is now treated as a low cost energy source for public transit instead of released back into the atmosphere where it contributes to global warming..

This idea of harnessing bio-gas is stifled by the petroleum and natural gas energy corporations that would rather exploit deposits for profit than allow people autonomy with their own energy sources..

Here's the article about Kobe's bio-gas busses;