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America! America! America!

Pay. Pay. Pay.
When the Iraq war started we knew it was about oil. When we argued: it is so oil will become cheaper there was a slight verbane argument against it but most people did not belabor the argument they just added on a few provisions to justifying a war for someone else's resources. They added touch point phrases like a)weapons of mass destruction 2) genocide 3) saviors/ democracy. When those arguments were easily batted away, like the image of those under occupation giving flowers to soldiers (you must mean that pretty Chlamydia flower that comes from forced prostitution of young mothers to soldiers) there was the usual laughter and remittance. Cheaper oil would be better, wouldn't it??? THIS IS WHEN I TOLD YOU THAT GAS PRICES WOULD SKY ROCKET AND THAT BECAUSE OF THE PEAK OIL CRISIS THAT OIL WOULD GO BETWEEN $4 - $5 a GALLON. This is when I would laugh at you, Ironic isn't it? We will pay so much to get cheap oil, a commodity we don't need because of hemp diesel, just to see the prices skyrocket with market monopoly and price gouging as resources ran out. The REASON I LAUGHED WAS BECAUSE YOU OWN A SUV. I hate your car. It flips easy. I flip you off easier. YOUR SUV is killing our planet, destroying the health of children in the cities, and eating up peak oil creating a bloody senseless slaughter of people in all oil rich countries. I laughed because you wanted an SUV to show how rich and modern you are. In fact it showed what a pig you are. And now you will pay. And pay. And pay. PAY PAY PAY. You will cry every time you fill your tank. I cried over the bodies of dead children in Iraq, the images of men being raped in Abu Ghraib, the senseless loss of the Glaciers of the Antarctic. I cried over AIDs in African oil rich countries, I cried over poor countries burning their cooking oil in cars to survive because in order to get a world bank loan they had to outlaw hemp. I cried because of the starvation of children world wide. I cried. I cried. I cried.

You laughed at me when I said, Isn't it Ironic that the war for cheaper oil will make it more expensive. You said that it would not. That our country was too wise, that war helped our economy, that we would escape the depression by having the war in Iraq. You said that we were ensuring low gas prices. You said that it was stupid to think that the government would allow us to pay more at the pump. When I tried to explain that Companies always try to increase the price of their goods, and ensure market domination you didn't seem to understand that Bush had owned Arbusto and now he was out for Oil Profits. That oil profits did not end with dying children in Iraq. That Americans might seem a little less (gasp) precious to him than you thought. You thought that as an American (America! America! America!) that he was patriotic. Patriotism of course meant keeping you rich with cheap oil. It was funny the way your mind worked. Watching you think was like watching a nervous squirrel in a funhouse mirror. You were really up the tree weren't you? Had no idea? Were you betrayed???? Are you shocked? Are you defenseless? Can't do anything about it? Are you unable to prevent it? Everything more expensive? Can barely drive to work? Isolated in your house? Can't visit friends, foreign countries, take vacations? Are you losing your house, job, career, family? Are you losing the American Dream?

The funny thing is, America, that by creating HEMP DESIEL today and using it over the course of the next ten years you could have everything you want in your greed. You could have better housing, drive SUV's and HUMMERS. You could clean the pollution in the cities, clean up the rivers and lakes, decrease the temperature of our planet etc. But you won't. You will obediently wait for corn ethonal. You will steal corn from babies mouths creating widespread starvation, keeping small amounts of pollution around, and taking years to stop the halt of an overheating planet. You will wait like an obedient dog for solution that will cost you more. It will cause Asthma in your children, watch hurricanes Tsunamis wreck our coasts. It will cause floods, and freak accidents. You will pay higher and higher taxes to fund additional research for solutions that are recalled or never released. You will wait until they have played their game with you and they are done. They will prevent you from having a national savings, they will deplete your personal savings, and make retirement impossible. Your business will become their businesses. Your property will become their property. You will not do anything because you will be told by a panel of experts on CNN/MSNBC/FOX/ ABC/ CBS that a solution is on its way. You will trust this the way you trusted Bush. You will be implicit in a terrible deceit. You will be the one who PAYS PAYS PAYS but you, you na´ve navigator of future generations, will think it is the dying child in Iraq who pays. You will think that it is in your best interest. You will think that Bush sits alone in the white house chanting AMERICA! AMERICA! AMERICA at his funhouse mirror reflection. You will think that you will win.