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US tour: Building a popular anarchism in Ireland

Andrew Flood Speaking tour
April 26 and 27 - Seattle
April 28 - Bellingham WA
April 29 - Tacoma
May 1 - Spokane
May 2 - Olympia

May 3 and 4 - Portland
May 6 - Eugene

A decade ago the active anarchist movement in Ireland consisted of little more than a dozen people in two small organizations. Today hundreds of people are active and one banned libertarian demonstration in 2004 saw 5,000 people take part. Anarchists are increasingly replacing Irish republicans as the bogeyman of the mainstream media. This talk explains how this breakthrough happened and details the various struggles anarchists have been involved in. About the speaker: Andrew is an active anarchist organizer and writer, with twenty years experience in Ireland, most of that time as a member of the Workers Solidarity Movement. More recently, he has been become a member of NEFAC and is a founder member of Common Cause, Ontario. His publishing record includes well over one hundred articles, translated into over nine languages, chapters published in three books, and articles in seven English language anti-authoritarian magazines and newspapers. As well as numerous events in Ireland he has been the speaker at meetings in Britain, Italy, Canada, the Czech Republic and the USA and attended conferences in the Netherlands, France, Spain and Mexico. Contact your local anarchists or check their websites for details of exact times and venue but over the next six weeks this is roughly where the talks will be taking place.

More details as they become avalible.