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Barack Obama Lies About His Record

Before you vote for Barack Obama you should read all about his record.
To quote from ( Obama and his Rezko ties, by Tim Novak ). This story is also titled ( Barack Obama and his slumlord patron ). The quote is from page 1, paragraph 8. "as Rezko's low-income housing empire was collapsing, leaving many African-American families in buildings riddled with problems including squalid living conditions, vacant apartments, lack of heat, squatters and drug dealers." Here is a partial summary of the Rezko scandal.
Seventeen buildings - many beset with code violations, including lack of heat - ended up in foreclosure
Six buildings are currently boarded up.
Hundreds of the apartments are vacant in need of major repairs
Taxpayers have been stuck with millions in unpaid loans.
At least a dozen times, the city of Chicago sued Rezmar for failure to heat buildings.
Read the story ( Obama's Record: The Truth Is Out There, by Steve Rhodes ) at ( The Beachwood Reporter ). Part of this story is about a bill addressing radioactive leaks and the nuclear energy industry. I will quote from this part of this story. To quote from paragraph 6. "Mr. Obama eventually rewrote it to reflect changes sought by Senate Republicans, Exelon" The next quote is from the same page next paragraph. "Senator Obama's staff was sending us copies of the bill to review, and we could see it weakening with each successive draft"
Read the story ( Barack Obama Favors Early Release of Sex Offenders From Prison, by Christopher Davies, posted February 12, 2008 ) at Milwaukee Indymedia.
Read the story ( PACs and lobbyists aided Obama's rise, by Scott Helman ) at ( The Boston Globe ).
Read the story ( In Illinois, Obama dealt with lobbyists by Scott Helman ) at ( The Boston Globe ). Under the title it says. "But as candidate, he faults Clinton for ties"
To quote from page 1, paragraph 2. "Over the next 15 months, insurers and their lobbyists found a sympathetic ear in Obama, who amended the bill more to their liking"
To quote from page 2 of 3, paragraph 3. "Most significant, universal healthcare became merely a policy goal instead of state policy"
To quote from page 3 of 3, paragraph 1. "Still, Obama's willingness to hear out insurers and their lobbyists is revealing given the posture he strikes today on the presidential campaign trail - that lobbyists, insurance companies, and other big-industry special interests have an outsized and polluting influence on policy making in Washington."

. 12.Apr.2008 23:02


Barack Obama is the enemy of freedom. He parrots the same old lies as Bush does. He is just a bit more clever about making it palatable for all the progressives out there who are desperate to take the blue pill. People want to believe in something and hardly care that Obama is pushed up by big money to serve big money and that he will continue US policy of destroying real democracy wherever is sprouts up.

And yes, Obama will send the tanks to kills US citizens who dissent.

Thank you 16.Apr.2008 16:25

spirit eyes

Thank you for looking deeper! I wish more Americans would get behind the rah-rah team and look at this man's record and who sponsors him. "The Obama Craze" by Matt Gonzalez is the best thing I've seen. It should be a top story on PDX IMC.