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VIDEO-Something for them couch sitters to mullover

Nathan Bowling of Tacoma, Washington has something to say to you couch sitters. Please watch.

whatever dude 30.Mar.2008 18:20

watched it, still don't get it, too bad

What? Nathan who? Has what? For whom?

Come on, if you've got something to say, write it the fuck down: who what where when how and why. This is a news site, not a bulletin board for links that go somewhere else.

lighten up 30.Mar.2008 19:03

its there

i watched the vid too and had no problem getting it.

bowling paraphrases from ml king's 'beyond vietnam' speech, saying 'silence is betrayal'. then goes on to say that just slapping a bumper sticker on the back of your car isn't enough-- you need to do more. good point, though preaching to the choir a bit. i would add that posting here on imc isn't enough either... we need to keep each other informed and do the reporting, but we also need to then take that out to those who will never read anything here-- they're the ones we really need to reach.

there was also a nice bit at the end from someone saying we need to be our own media, to tell our own stories, and that the msm has always served empire.

and btw, you can't be sure somebody's a 'dude' by the way they type.