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Radical Botany skillshare website group

Some of you have asked me how to access all six weeks of Radical Botany skillshares. Also, you have asked me how you find other people to go into the wild with. I have created a space to share plant knowledge and to organize walk-abouts in the wild places of Cascadia. There is no charge. Just bring your own supplies and be open to sharing.
Come to the trees
Come to the trees
Hello Cascadians!

I want to let you know that I have started a Radical Botany yahoo group where I have stored the first 6 weeks of Radical Botany skillshares. I am hoping to get conversations started about wilding and Native Plant and herbal knowledge.

I hope you will join the group.

My intention is to get some of you Cascadians out from in front of your computer and into the woods.

I am planning a couple of forest walk-abouts this spring. No charge. Just want you to come to the forest with me.

I will be going to Silvercreek falls soon to see the bloom of the Native plants there. Very unique eco-system. Water falls are amazing and created a place of great beauty and diversity. Alot of fungi in that park in the fall.

Later on I will be going to the areas around Brietenbush and to the Jefferson Wilderness and Three sisters wilderness and to the Olympic Pennsula. I cannot pay your way, but I can arrange a community gathering to go into the forest. Everyone share resources! Looking for peaceful people who are interested in being wide awake in the forest. No drugs or alcohol will be allowed on the walk-abouts. There will be no discussions about killing the forest animals. We will be eating vegan.

Please join the Radical botany group if you are interested in learning how to live in the Cascadian forests and wildlands. Here is a link to the group:

It is a moderated group. Tell me a little about yourself and why you want to join the group and I will add you as a member.


homepage: homepage: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/radicalbotany/