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Organizing for this yearsWest coast Convergence for Climate Action has just started and we are looking for organizations and individuals who are interested in plugging in, however they see fit. We are hoping to broaden the perspectives that are represented both while organizing the event and within our list of workshops.
We do ask that all folks wishing to help organize read our policies regarding Anti-Oppression(AO) and Energy usage during the event.

WHAT: Open Meeting for the 2008 West coast Convergence For Climate Action
WHERE: Lucky Lab Brewery and Restaurant, 915 SE Hawthorne Blvd.
DATE: Monday April 7th
TIME: 2 - 4 pm

Find directions here:  http://www.luckylab.com/html/directions.html#brewpub
WHAT: Open Meeting for the 2008 West coast Convergence For Climate Action
WHERE: Lucky Lab Brewery and Restaurant, 915 SE Hawthorne Blvd.
DATE: Monday April 7th
TIME: 2 - 4 pm
Find directions here:  http://www.luckylab.com/html/directions.html#brewpub

Climate Convergence Vision:
We hope to create a space that brings together communities of different backgrounds and perspectives while fostering the idea that we all have something to offer and learn about the wide range of issues that are affected by Climate Change and Climate Justice. The Climate Convergence will be a space to advocate Earth-centered, community based solutions that foster local autonomy and self-sufficiency. We also believe that the key to being a part of changing the world is to take action against the Fossil Fuel empire which has greatly contributed to worldwide injustice and climate change.

A Little Background:
Last years West coast Convergence for Climate Action was a great success and we are trying to build on the momentum. Over 400 people came out to rural SW Washington to take part in over 100 workshops, learn about different community based struggles & solutions and ended the week by taking action against Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) development and PacifiCorp's consistent disregard of their dams impacts on surrounding cultures and the environment. The West coast Climate Convergence was held in conjunction with 2 other Climate gatherings, one held in the UK which focused on airport expansion and one in the south east US focusing the Coal and Nuclear Industries.
 link to www.risingtidenorthamerica.org

Things Convergence has to offer:
1) Lots of energy being put into gathering folks from different causes/backgrounds
2) A space to network
3) Be a part of an international movement for people and the environment
4) A space to learn new skills and to share your own
5) Get national/international news on an action you plan during the WC Climate Convergence

How to Plug in:
1)come on out to the Open Climate Convergence meeting
2)Offer/suggest a workshop/panel you would like to see or be a part of
3)Join one of the Working Groups being formed(anti-oppression, eco-village, alt. power, food, transportation, music/dance party, etc)

homepage: homepage: http://www.risingtidenorthamerica.org

Climate Convergence Action from 2007 30.Mar.2008 00:07

Jim Lockhart

((Repost of a report back from an action which took place after the 2007 Climate Convergence.))

On August 14, 2007, three protesters blockaded the main entrance to PacifiCorp's headquarters in NE Portland Oregon, locking down to four 600 pound concrete barrels and demanding the removal of the Klamath River dams.

(Excerpted from the News media packet.)
"We're locked down to demonstrate our soldarity with affected communities and the salmon of the Klamath River who are fighting for their health and survival," said Will Munger, one of the blockaders. "We demand the immediate removal of PacifiCorp's dams."

Another blockader, Cedar Knoll, said, "PacifiCorp is a climate criminal and salmon killer living in the heart of Portland."

Continuing from the news media packet:
The protest follow the Convergence for Climate action which took place in Skamokawa, WA over the past week. Yesterday, protesters from the camp occupied the proposed Liquefied Natural Gas terminal at Bradwood, Oregon for several hours. A simultaneous occupation took place in Asheville, North Carolina on Monday, where a Bank of America branch was shut down by protesters for its lead role in financing the coal industry."

And, in London an affiliated "Camp for Climate Action" begins just outside of Heathrow Airport, where two thousand participants plan to target airline industry giants profiteering amidst the climate crisis. The London gathering has garnered front page media attention across the UK, where more that 1800 police have been mobilized and anti-terrorism laws have been activated for the camp's surveillance.

I arrived late and missed the theater with hazmats suits and fake blood, intending to draw attention to the poisonous conditions on the Klamath River. But, I did arrive in time to interview three of those who were there, including two of the blockaders.

In one of the interviews, Will Munger speaks of conditions in Mexico, where similar outrages against the people are occurring. He urges people to go to the website, Root Force for more information.

A Few Corrections 30.Mar.2008 12:28

ant ant@risingtidenorthamerica.org

Sorry there are a few typos above. I guess thats what happens when you post late at night.
Obviously it should have said CONVERGENCE on the title and the contact e-mail should be  ant@risingtidenorthamerica.org