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The Total Disintegration of Huffington Post

Can you pass the Arrianna SMELL TEST these days? Your trial shall commence shortly...
Bush Brain Scan
Bush Brain Scan
I know. Arrianna Huffington's 'HUFFINGTON POST' is a lib bastion. 'lib' as in Liberal, with a large L. As opposed to the actual root word LIBERTY, which flows nicely as you type it. But it did have that magical element of Anarchy in that as long as you remained somewhat civil, you could state almost any opinion without undue hassle. If it was a dumb post, the Huff regulars would quickly engage you in some witty discourse, making you the foil for all quips to follow. It worked pretty good up until now. You could get flagged for overtly rude language or racist comments, but it was a generally amusing website where the average schnook could rant a bit. But as they say, 'That was then and this is now.." Since the Democratic runoff has become a blood sport, the good burghers at HUFFINGTONPOST have conspired to inspect and judge and either ratify or condemn every last 'free speecher' who wants to be heard by this audience. Every comment is now sifted, graded, eyebaled and tasted for any traces of original political thought concerning ANY Democratic contender. They have successfully eliminated the comments that dissect the Democratic Greek Tragedy that is being played out before a disbelieving public. Any thoughtful criticisms of Obama or deep analysis of the Clinton's seemingly criminal past now never sees the light of pixels. Even that most taboo of Liberal subtopics, so-called "911 Truth", used to at least get a hearing on HUFF. Not anymore. Now they also wash the archives of people's individual comments. (Kind of like Bush "losing" his e-mails). Instead of a list of recent comments, they now display a list of your "selected comments". It's so Orwellian in execution. But so is the very notion of A. Huffington being the voice of "The Left" or even the voice of the "middle" on NPR's "Left, Right, and Center". When you're a political Superstar on both NPR and CNN, I suppose you eventually have to go along with the election-time program of controlling the flow of information that may influence voters. Since this newly introduced mind-control effort, the very comments that are published seem tame. People are pulling back, afraid to step over a 'line' lest their post be adjudged subversive by the honchos of the alternative to the GOP. Who ever thought that HUFFPOST would become rather, uh..BORING.