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Earth Citizens Warm to new" ALL GREEN DIRECTORY"!

A new" ALL GREEN" educational website for searching out ways to "Green Up"faster!
www.mygreendirectory.com is a public educational website sponsored by The CO2 Alliance and sustainable businesses and organizations nationwide. The directory is broken down into many catagories to speed the right information to the user,(unlike getting a MILLION PLUS ENTRIES to sort through! ) My Green Directory welcomes the participation of all individuals and sustainable businesses and organizations who are trying to preserve the earth! We operate by donation only for listings to keep growing the Directory as quickly as possible! The CO2 Alliance helps support several reforestation efforts globally,so the major part of all Directory donations go toward that purpose! We hope you find it helpful in your quest to "GO GREEN". Wheather you are an individual or green entity ,feel free to join us! Hopefully,between public education AND reforestation at the same time,we can "ALL BREATHE A LITTLE EASIER IN THE FUTURE" JUST DONATING the cost of a good cup of coffee can make a big difference to ALL OUR FUTURES.NO CONTRIBUTION IS TOO SMALL!! Help plant a few seedlings today!! Thanks and peace to all,

John, and the volunteers at My Green directory and The CO2 Alliance