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the red revolution


IT looks VERY similar to something i know. or should i say. LOOKS and FEELS and TASTES similar.

Their key slogan is: JOIN THE REVOLUTION
One of the key persons in this movement is Shane Claiborne.

The Philadelphia site is  http://www.theredrevolution.com/
QUOTE: The question "What color are you?" is meant to focus on the obvious. Asking you "does your skin color and cultural ways define and Lord your Christianity? Or does the fact that you are "RED" through of the blood of Christ rule and Lord your life as a Christian?"

From a blog that explains what moved him, and a bit of what the movement is about:
 link to www.wreckedfortheordinary.com

"Wrecked for the Ordinary" is an interesting read !!! Here's an off the wall quote, "I was able to spend some time with Shane, eating our barbecue pork sandwiches (slightly feeling bad because we knew Shane and the simples were somewhat vegetarians), but for this event, he made it known that they weren't really vegans, but "freegans." They would eat pretty much anything people would feed them."

BELOW a transcribed a portion of Liturgy Claiborne recently read. [liturgy means "the people's work"]

From Zack Exley a fellow who's been following Christians in the U.S. ...

LINK:  http://revolutioninjesusland.com/tag/catalyst-conference/

With governments that kill...
... we will not comply.

With the theology of empire...
... we will not comply.

With the business of militarism...
... we will not comply.

With the hoarding of riches
... we will not comply.

With the dissemination of fear
... we will not comply.

But today we pledge our allegiance to the kingdom of God...
... we pledge allegiance.

To the peace that is not like Rome's...
... we pledge allegiance.

To the Gospel of enemy love
... we pledge allegiance.

To the poor and the broken...
... we pledge allegiance.

ANYWAY. WOW. anarcho or what?

Hey 27.Mar.2008 16:59


It's a christian music fest folks