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imperialism & war

photos from Washington County Peace Vigil

pictures from wednesday March 26 2008 Washington County Peace Vigil
A dedicated group of concerned citizens attended our weekly peace vigil at 5th and Hall in Beaverton last evening.A few new people attended last night It was heartening to hear all the horns honk in support as the cars passed by us for an hour.We now have 4000 soldiers dead as a result of this misguided foreign policy as Iraq continues to spiral down in flames.Our leaders continue to try and paint a rosy picture of the reality on the ground in Iraq.As famous newsman Tim Riley said in Portland this week ,"Such a senseless waste of lives by unrepentant, arrogant, lying politicians. Let's not forget the tens of thousands of vets maimed for life thanks to these self proclaimed "Patriots" holding elected and stolen public offices."

Quote of the Day

"We're succeeding.
I don't care what anybody says..."
-- McCain, sounding like Bush,


"It's the fifth anniversary of the Iraq war. How romantic.
Traditionally, this is the wood anniversary -- five. Which is fitting,
'cause that's what Dick Cheney gets when he thinks of war."
-- Bill Maher

Headline from the Times of London

President Bush: Iraq violence is a 'positive moment.'

During his interview with the Times, Bush disparaged those who want US troops to come home, and reinforced his power, saying as he has before, "I'm commander in chief."

He averred that decisions would not be made by those who "scream the loudest" in calling for troops to come home.

"I understand people here want us to leave, regardless of the situation," he said, "but that will not happen so long as I'm Commander-In-Chief."