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UC Berkeley anti-vivisection campaign continues - 3/23 home demos report back

Despite recent acts of police intimidation and threats of restraining orders against them, activists opposing UC Berkeley vivisection are continuing their campaign.
Despite recent acts of police intimidation and talk of restraining orders against them, activists opposing UC Berkeley vivisection are continuing the campaign.

On 3/23/08, activists demonstrated outside the homes of five UC Berkeley vivisectors responsible for the enslavement of 40,000 animals at UC Berkeley. Those being: Ralph Freeman (invasive vision experiments on cats and kittens - holes drilled in animals skulls and electrodes inserted into their brains), Yang Dan (invasive vision experiments on cats - similar to Ralph Freeman), Irving Zucker (invasive experiments on squirrels, voles, and other rodents), Stephen Glickman (invasive reproductive experiments on a colony of female hyenas - multiple C-sections surgeries, clitoral measurements of hyenas), and John Casida (LD50 experiments - the use of nerve agents on rabbits and rodents).

It was a positive day and most of the people we talked to were supportive of us, save for a few loud individuals barking threats.

There were the friendly neighbors of Irving Zucker, who were supportive of us and shocked to learn that for nearly forty years, their neighbor has drilled holes in the skulls of hamsters, tortured squirrels with the use of stereotaxic devices and poisoned them to death at the end of their hellish lives for completely worthless behavioral research. One neighbor gave an individual a hug after he was cited for "illegal flyering of vehicles" and another was kind enough to offer everyone lemonade. No thanks to his "biologist" neighbor who believes that all animal experiments are always justified, and the use of retarded children for vivisection is something that he's "not come to a position on as of yet." He also pleaded with us "If you know who the people are who are smashing windows, please stop them!" He must have read that smear article in the San Jose Mercury News.

Then there were the police officers who had been trailing the activists all day following activists inside as they order pizza, and deciding to order slices of vegan pizza for themselves.

And to the vivisectors who leave town every weekend to avoid hearing any voice of opposition. UCPD and Berkeley PD for spending thousands of dollars to station officers at the homes of animal abusers and overtime dollars to trail activists. UC Berkeley spokesman Robert Sanders who is on record equating compassionate individuals with Al-Qaeda - expect more of the same in the form of legal home demonstrations in opposition to your atrocities.

homepage: homepage: http://www.freewebs.com/stopucberkeleyvivisection

For the animals we must fight 27.Mar.2008 16:50


Thanks to all who participated in this event and stood up for the rights of all animals. On behalf of the animals I thank you again.
What has become of the informative and peaceful home demonstrations that use to take place in front of OHSU's vivisectors' houses. Have not heard of any lately. Any reason they were discontinued? Would love to take part if they ever start up again.