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Really Really Free Market coming to Eugene/Springfield!!!

RRFM in springfield for the summer!
Hello, want to let everyone know that the RRFM will happen in Springfield for June 7 and to make this happen we need all the help we can get, from musicians, people who are interested in giving workshops, child care, bringing stuff to share etc. There will be two open meetings coming soon, one in Eugene an done in Springfield, if you want to help with this community project please email:



Also happening September 19th 2009 in Eugene! 11.Sep.2009 08:50

reallyreallyfreemarketeugene reallyreallyfreemarketeugene@gmail.com

There will be another ReallyReallyFreeMarket in Eugnee on 9/19/09 from 12-6 at the co-op at 4th and adams!
See ya there!