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The Lies that Led to War: video by CBC on Iraq

Former US ambassadors, Donahue, etcetera all speak up to the national media of Canada, the CBC, in their series of programming called "The Fifth Estate". Excelling points made (including footage from the White House's own streaming video), with only a few things that seem to obfuscate things, i.e. the idea that this war is only about President Bush's administration and not in actuality serving the severely alienated interests of one-world-government waiting "in the wings" of such allegedly "dumb" policies. Finally, Ann Coulter provokes the deeper thinking types to wonder at the bigger picture beyond that which mainline liberal media would want us to remain forever stuck on.
Though this video is from March of last year, there are lessons here, and things worth repeating, and passing onto your networks!

From the CBC's intro:
The Lies that Led to War

Since the US-led invasion four years ago, the fifth estate has covered Iraq and the war on terror from virtually every angle--the military, media, intelligence, politics--revealing aspects of the story that you didn't find anywhere else.

Now, as the White House warns about the latest threat in the region, this time from Iran, we go back to examine the deception, suspect intelligence, even lies that convinced the world of the rightness of targeting Saddam Hussein.

What's your take?

How about Ann Coulter?
My view is that she is merely reflecting the mind-set of those with "bigger picture" "consciousness" when one thinks about world elites plotting a firmer grip on the world. From her type of perspective, albeit severely alienated, the "realists" have to work with what they have, not look at how such arrived there, and not empathize at all. I.e. that Iraq's policies have been born out of betrayal after betrayal and deceit after deceit, in what is called "normal politics" from British occupation on to today.

How about a discussion of Ann's way of seeing, anyone?

homepage: homepage: http://www.cbc.ca/fifth/lies/video.html