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pepper sprayed

anti war activists block the street by Well Fargo
(pepper spray taste terrible)
Funk The War
Funk The War
As the anti war march with horns playing and drums beating moved into the street in front of Wells Fargo Bank on 4th street & Columbia ( I think )
So did the cops
IMMEDIATELY they confronted the group in the street
Within minutes more police on motorcycles and then more in Riot gear

They started pushing the crowd ...ripping their signs from them and yelling get out of the street
The moved their big white van up to the line and were using the speakers to yell stuff
Cops with bikes pushed their bikes towards the peoples..pushing aggressively ...pushing ...pushing....
a few horses came in from the side ...right into the crowd...i dint see them tromp on anyone but they were right butted up to the peoples from around the back side

Soon the pepper-spray was flying
I was on the sidewalk and I got spayed *lightly
my face was burning ...it was in my mouth
All hell was breaking loose
it seemed to me that the cops were pushing HARD
and at the same time trapping and funneling the peoples
the parked car near the curb ...cops pushing with bikes....and very hard to move or go anywhere
When I was sprayed i looked away then looked back to see people all bunched up
They couldn't get out of their street on to the sidewalk ..cause the sidewalk was packed
I was already on it when i started moving further back ..trying to allow room for those "caught"
The cops were yelling "MOVE BACK" but it was hard to move anywhere without just panicking
and shoving people out of the way... you could only move as fast as the next guy was moving
That is when the mace was flying
It seemed right when the peoples were being funneled with hardly room to "Move To" the cops pepper sprayed
I thought it was rather Shitty to mace people who were all trapped and bunched-in
nobody from the antiwar movement were being violent
That street is blocked due to construction all the time
No big deal.... 50 ant-war people stop in the street and the cops want to KICK THEIR ASSES?
Thats cruel and uncalled for ...big deal they blocked the street for 10 minutes
And I need to get maced for it?

Some got it really bad with the spray... I mean they were drenched
I talked to one lady who said the guy spraying mace was out of line when he choose to do that
She was watching him ...she said it was abusive and uncalled for

I seen the city attorney there watching and I told him I was a reporter on the sidewalk
And that I got pepper sprayed and I wasn't even in the street

I was filming at the time I was sprayed ..it may be in my video that will be out soon
There were massive cops... this must of cost the city THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS

They followed the group through downtown .... being less aggressive
I went to my car and cam back the anti war crowd had jumped a MAX and headed to the
NE recruiting station on Broadway

When I got there at the recruiter office there must of been 75 to a 100 activist outside the whole sidewalk was full

Cops all lurking and staring from across the street
A couple few (And the Attorney) were on the recruiting side
The Robo cops were back around the corner ALL GEARED AND READY
the activists played drums chanted and yelled outside the military recruiting office
then lasted for over an hour

It finally disbanded around 5pm (estimated) and was informed everyone to meet over at the jail house
on 3rd @ 6pm

See you there

video within 24 hours right here on Indy media

homepage: homepage: http://www.joe-anybody.com

Please come tomorrow 19.Mar.2008 18:05


The fight will continue tomorrow. Expect a much larger turnout.

Tomorrow 19.Mar.2008 18:17


Bash, what is happening tomorrow? I was planning to attend the student rally. Anything else going on?

There will a protest to follow 19.Mar.2008 18:36


Here's the link.

Maybe it was a little vague, but there is a protest after the short rally.
We are expecting a large student turnout.

riot cops, horses, and pepper spray? 19.Mar.2008 19:40

Funk the War attendee

why was this necessary? all folks wanted to was dance a bit and get their voices heard.

Document your injuries! 19.Mar.2008 20:57


As one of the attorneys involved in the A22 and March 2003 litigation, I must advise everyone to have medical personnel document injuries, particularly the effects of pepper spray (both immediate and lasting), and any visible injuries caused by police.

Seek out video and still photos of your injuries, and medical reports. Don't be afraid to seek medical attention for even minor injuries. The documentation will tend to contradict what the police say. Police tend to think their toys are harmless. They're not.

was it necessary? 19.Mar.2008 23:11


Of course it was necessary. Violence is the only thing the state has. It hasn't a shred of legitimacy, but it has guns and pepper spray and tear gas.

<VIDEO> 20.Mar.2008 00:50

Joe Anybody iam@joe-anybody.com

my video form the "street action" is on "" blip.tv ""


doesn't seem right to me how the police "reacted to some people in the street"

my face still stings from the "little that I got"
The guy in these picture (and video) wasn't doing anything wrong that I can see
He may of not even been in the street .... I wasn't

everyone was bottle necked at the only way out from the street ...and then the police are spraying the "EXIT WAY" ?

Give me a break

full video will be on 'google video' by the tomorrow afternoon

I hear ya! 20.Mar.2008 00:57

Injun b

I was in the road with the others about the middle when the cops started to violently shove the front pretty violently. When this started to happen I looked up to see a cop smiling with a bottle of pepper spray in his hand I wish I had my camera. Anyway I told him don't we are non violent protesters the whole world is watching if you do that I can't promise you it wont get violent tomorrow. this only seemed to excite him at the prospect of justifying even more violence. it seems to me that the state only lives for violence that is the only thing they know cause right after this while I was on the side walk that same cop singled me out, and maced me directly in the eyes luckily I had sun glasses on.

I then after I could see again thanks to the medics I wanted to have a dialog with them to understand where they were coming from why they do what they do why they use so much violence, and seem to enjoy it at that! I approached to cops after I was able to see thanks to the street medics. I asked one if I could stand next to him then promised I would not try to enter the bank. I told him I wanted him to justify why he was acting like this why he felt it necessary to hurt people to which I got I don't have to talk to you. Someone over there wants you cause no one here does. These are our public officials who don't want to even talk to us what kind of a country do we live in if cops refuse to even listen to you or even try to justify there actions. Everything we did today was peaceful and lawful. We need to keep doing this Portland this is what community building looks like.

By the way after we got out of the street the only people I saw blocking traffic was the cops themselves.

In solidarity

witness 20.Mar.2008 12:24

David Piller

I watched the scene unfold yesterday and totally agree that the aggressive actions taken by law enforcement officials were completely uncalled for. Like the article states- before the pepperspray started flying, protestors were completely boxed in without any means to follow the directions to move to the sidewalk. From my perch I clearly saw the big bald officer seen in the video, forcefully pushing people who had nowhere to go; as well as the unwarranted pepperspraying in close range, when people were trying to comply and move onto the sidewalk. If anyone needs a witness statement or anything, feel free to contact me.  davidlpiller@gmail.com

p.s. To all of you participating yesterday- you showed great courage out there and my hat's off to ya

fixing the video I posted 20.Mar.2008 18:34

Joe Anybody

I am working on the video from this event still
I have to reedit a scene where it is better some "faces are not in the video"

I will post it here on Indy under this post and on my website under the "my video" topic
so ...if what was there ..is gone..... it will be back up real soon
....as soon as I fix a few things


LINK TO <<VIDEO>> 20.Mar.2008 21:14

Joe Anybody iam@joe-anybody.com

here is the revised version (last minute removed) blip.tv


Funk The War "Peppersprayed"

pepper spray not mace 21.Mar.2008 03:39

concerned about facts

note on facts in your article - you interchange pepper spray and mace. they are two different weapons.
(i do not think the portland police dept uses mace - mace may or may not have an effect on people under the influence of alcohol or narcotics.) mace is a kind of tear gas. it is illegal in many states.
pepper spray causes only temporary pain and does not cause permanent damage. it is made of cayenne pepper.

Helmet cam 21.Mar.2008 14:57


One bike cop in that video has a helmet cam mounted.

That could be good, or bad.

Video removed from Blip 24.Mar.2008 00:14

try again

How about uploading the video to YouTube or another spot? This sucks. Thought the cops had learned to behave a little better since 2002. My bad.