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Vancouver Action Edited Out Of Events List

Thanks a lot, Portland Indy!
Tuesday's events continued on the main page half-way thru today, Wednesday, & the publish function was inoperable for a posting notice. And now that i am back from one action, i see that events for Wednesday are finally up, but Vancouver's action, in one half hour, is not up. Oh, well. We're only Vancouver. Thanks a lot!

not sure what the glitch was 23.Mar.2008 07:48


the protest.net calendar is where postings need to go in order to end up on the front page; these automatically rss-feed to our site from protest.net calendar when volunteers manually update the events. if events aren't on the protest.net calendar when updating happens, events generally aren't posted on the front page. sorry that your event didn't make it, thanks for using the pdximc calendar.