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New Tactic on Impeachment

If this strategy forced Nixon to resign in 1974, it may well work today on Bush and Cheney
Below the line is a notice of a new strategy to try getting the House to do what the 1973 House did to force Nixon's resignation: Flood the House with 89 separate impeachment bills. To get the attention of Congress, there's nothing like an ad in Roll Call, the daily tabloid for Capitol Hill. And to get the attention of Reps and Senators, there's nothing like a graphic of Nixon at his worst. It'll run Tuesday, April 29.

This 1/4th page ad emphasizes "Presidential Precedents" set by Nixon and now by Bush and Cheney to McCain, Hillary, or Obama—and all future presidents, thanks to both houses of Congress, especially the House of Representatives. But it will cost $3,715 to appear in Roll Call. We need contribution NOW to cover that cost so your Congressional Representative will see it on Tuesday, April 29.

Would you please make a contribution through Paypal.com to this email address:  DemocracyforOregon@gmail.com for credit charge or bank account transfers. To give by check, make it payable to Democracy for Oregon at 6428 SE 15th Ave, Portland, OR 97202.

"We the People" National Coalition for Impeachment
For More Information, Click on:  http://www.Impeachbush.tv