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5 YEARS IRAQ WAR (and other subjects)
Major Retrospective
Over 100 items (all with STREET CRED.)
"Last Thursday" March 27, 2008 6 - 9 P.M.
Liberty Hall 311 N. Ivy St. Portland
Highbrow art rags for years now have been lamenting the fact that "established" artists (BFA/MFA) have been strangely silent on the political front.
ARTFORUM (April 2007) comments on the U.K. Tate/Wallinger/Turner Prize installation: "Although American museums generally rely far less on public funding than the Tate, it is nearly impossible to imagine a single one staging an installation as politically inflammatory as this."
Now that Bush's approval ratings are not in the 90's anymore, main stream artists are starting to come out from under their rocks jumping on the bandwagon and producing "critical art". (Hell, even "The Simpsons" are doing it.) Where were they 5 years ago?
You can argue if this exhibit even qualifies for the term "ART" - you be the judge.