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Billy X speaks Friday for Free

Former Black Panther Party member to speak at PSU on March 21st.
Billy X is coming to the Multicultural Center at Portland State University (Smith Memorial Student Union room 228)
Friday March 21st 6-8pm.

Billy Jennings joined the Black Panther Party in '68 after being inspired by the mobilization to free imprisoned Black Panther co-founder Huey P. Newton. Jennings remained an active member of the party until 1974. In 1995, he and other former Panther members in Sacramento, California founded the news magazine "Its about Time" which dedicates its articles and coverage to current events in the tradition of the Black Panther Party newspaper.


"The media was talking about guns and militancy; not the survival programs, like free breakfasts for schoolchildren, free clinics, free buses to [visit] prisons, free dental care, sickle-cell testing and voter registration."

- Billy X. Jennings

phone: (503)725-8777
address: PSU