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Kucinich Lied to Stop Loss Congress Activists

Congressman Kucinich is not in his DC office, after promising to comply with Congressional stop loss orders.
After telling the Stop Loss Congress Activists that he would comply with their demands, Kucinich left DC and has apparently lied to everyone. Just as Kucinich has backed down on his promised to Introduce Articles of Impeachment of Bush, and begin 9/11 hearings on insider trading, it appears Kucinich is another paid actor in the Congressional dog and pony show.


A wide coalition of Iraq Vets, College students, and veteran activists; Members of STOP-LOSS CONGRESS, OurSpringBreak, Code Pink, IVAW, and VFP, today served Rep. Dennis Kucinich with a STOP-LOSS ORDER in his Congressional offices in Washington DC. The STOP-LOSS ORDER, which was served on every member of Congress in the last two days, involuntarily extends the tour of duty of Congress until every soldier and contractor is out of Iran and Afghanistan, and cancels Congress' planned Easter vacation, effective immediately. Rep. Kucinich, agreeing that Congress works for the people, has agreed to comply immediately with the STOP-LOSS ORDER, remain at his desk, not leave when his fellow members of Congress go on vacation, and to stay on duty until ALL the troops and contractors are home. Other members of Congress will be announcing their compliance today.