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place where the spirits gather
"Now you take Ectopian Yeti, it's a cool name that means exactly the opposite of where he hides. Yetis live in the mountains, specifically the Himalayas. They are really a species of Siberian bear. Ectopian is an octopus person. He lives in the sea, a master of camouflage. Those tentacles of his grab hold of little prey. Expose him to truth, and like a flash, he darts through a time hole into a nearby reality before you see his true form fleeing."
Earth Woman seemed puzzled, 'then how are we going to survive this Big Change coming?"
Cougar was full and boded no threat, "Oh, Yeti sees what's coming all right. He's just looking for another bolthole. It's the Old Blood and our relations that are going to save us."
Earth Man was shy, but said, "What about Jesus?"
Cougar answered, "Him, too. He's in charge of it all."

"Tell us a story Cougar about how we can survive. We're scared." Earth Woman asked.
"You think you're scared? You should see that bunch of snake people quivering on the floors of the New York Stock Exchange. Get back in touch with the land. Play music. Talk with warriors, but keep your peaceful ways. It is your strength."
"No, Cougar, a story," Earth Woman suggested as she put down a piece of plum coffee cake.
"That's mighty good," he offered, helping himself to a second piece of plum cake. "You see there were these co-ops where people shared, had farmer's markets, and still told stories the old way. One was about Tchitamowitz, the place where the spirits gather. All the City people thought that meant evil spirits that came to tempt us. Traditionals knew it as a library of stored knowledge about each of the cousins."
"Yep - each of us has some of the Old Blood in us - DNA is the modern word. Why there are historically conserved genes from a nematode in most of us. Traditionals call the animal people that are in us the strongest - cousins.
"As I was saying, there were this group of two-leggeds that lived near Tchitamowitz. Hawk Man was the owner. Dog Man farmed and so did Student. A Warrior came for lunch one day and Dancing Raven showed up to play music. Everybody ate good food, talked about politics and the economy, and got depressed. Cougar, that's me, and Raven started playing music, meditating with a Tibetan bowl, and let our food settle down to happy places to feed our cousins - the little ones inside our gut."
"What happened the?" Earth Woman asked.
"Why Raven went back home, saw a black cougar over by his bee hives, knew Spring was coming, just a little late. He felt better and went back to work."

correction 18.Mar.2008 11:43


He/she goes by Ecotopian Yeti, not Ectopian. As in, Ecotopia the book and Yeti the Cascadia secessionist movement mascot.