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What "faith-based initiative" really means

Ever wonder what "faith-based initiative" really means to the people its supposedly meant to help?
Ok so here's my trip.I'm a homeless,disabled IV meth addict who is desperately trying to find a residential drug treatment center that will take me and my school-aged son.The state-funded ones do exist-though the vast majority of them will only take children under five (if they take kids at all).
They've all been hit by the Bushian stranglehold on funding social services in this country.
What freaks me out is this new breed of treatment center which is popping up all over the place:the Christian "life recovery" center.These places serve any number of women in many categories-drug addiction,mental or physical disability,poverty,whatever.There's one in Portland.It's called Shepherd's Door and like all Christian run(yet state funded!)"recovery centers", requires a strict adherence to Christian doctrine,usually of the fundamentalist variety.And guess what?They'll take you and your kids and give you treatment,housing assisstance,whatever the hell you need.They're really remarkably well-funded compared to Section 8 or welfare or any of the social services that are supposed to make up the safety net in this country.
Of course,this all really sucks for me,being a devout Wiccan who could never in a million years tolerate paying this price for a roof over my head.I love my little boy very,very much and I REALLY want to get clean,but....could I stand having to listen to Christian rhetoric about how Witchcraft is of the devil?Day in and day out?Could you?
OK just had to get that off my chest.Thanks for listening